Saturday, September 19, 2009

Your Lips But Better

Look what came in the mail this week. I seriously thought this package has gotten lost in the mail because my friend Jen sent it to me end of July. It took a month and a half to get to me. The PO mark on the package was Sept. 1 and they said that due to the bad weather the past couple of weeks they had a backlog of packages.

Anyway, I bought 4 lip balms and she sent me a ton of freebies. It was all packaged well with a really cute logo of Gigi her dog on it.

I ordered the following lip balms:

L-R: Chocolate Mint, Chocolate Raspberry, Raspberry Mocha, Neapolitan Ice Cream

The Freebies:

L-R: Apple Grape lip balm, Rose Lip Balm, Vanilla Lotion Stick

Mint Lemonade Soap:

Adorned with Grace eyeshadow pigments:

Jen's card:

The Rose lip balm went to my mom. The Neapolitan Ice Cream was my DD's order and the rest are mine, mwahahahaaa! I love lip balms and Jen's smell so delicious. They're all organic and home made. The balms go on smooth, not runny or hard. Just the right consistency in my opinion. They make my lips soft although I am not sure how long they really last on the lips coz I keep reapplying mine just to smell it.

My DD has also kept the soap to herself and the mmu pigments I will share with my Malaysian friend Sue who is currently in the country for job training.

I hope Jen makes more delicious smelling balms and one with SPF too.

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