Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Typhoon Ondoy Update

I was able to contact my cousin at last. They are safe in Pasig but their 1st floor is still under water. Unfortunately, my relatives who live near me aren't. Their house was devastated. A few of my friends also had their cars and houses destroyed.

My mom's staff in the office were also affected. We were able to donate a few bags of clothes (mine, hubby's and DD's) and my DD's diapers that she wasn't able to use when she got potty trained (all still new!). Will bring bottled water later to UERM for the patients.

Hubby temporarily has no work because the hospitals and clinics have no electricity and the operating rooms were inoperable (this means no income for us!). Also no phone lines in the clinics.

I don't think I could buy or blog about beauty products at the moment.

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