Sunday, November 29, 2009

Stocking Stuffer: My Calgon Discovery

Done with your Christmas shopping yet?

I am, more or less. For hubby, all the kids and important relatives (in-laws, aunts, cousins) on my list I'm done. For my parents and siblings I'm not, as I have no idea what to give them. Also we're all eagerly awaiting the arrival of my baby nephew supposed to be born this weekend! I guess that eclipses any gift giving in mind as we will all have a baby this Christmas.

Anyways, when mom & I went to S&R yesterday after a derma appointment (my monthly glycolic peel, diamond peel and IPL maintenance) we found this:

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Japanese Hair Fringe Grip

I was feeling so sad this morning because someone I made plans with last week for tomorrow (which I am so excited for) texted me early today. He said he won't be able to go with me bec. he made new plans with his friends. And to think I had the day all planned out for tomorrow :-(

It was such a pleasant surprise when my friend C. sent me an unexpected early Christmas gift thru her dad this morning. It really brightened up my day and I really appreciate the gesture. Thanks so much C.!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

China Glaze Fortune Teller and Magic Matte

Better late than never as they say. Since China Glaze is not readily available locally I still source my CG np's from e-tailers in the US or kind-hearted friends who do CP's.

Here's my latest China Glaze haul from my friend A. of The Shades of U. It's the Sally exclusive Halloween shade Fortune Teller.

Sunday, November 22, 2009

YLBB Lipbalms

I love lip balms especially deliciously flavored ones. I ordered another batch from my friend J of Your Lips But Better when she had new flavors a few weeks ago. I got the package in around 2 weeks. Not bad considering it's the holiday season and packages get here a loooong time (oh, and I'm still missing 1 package sent September, grrr).

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

NYX Haul

Another haul that came in last week which I wasn't able to post is my NYX haul from Sol of digitaltraincase.

Those in the Phils. can get your NYX fix by ordering from her. Great CS and fast shipping even with pre-order items since NYX is not available locally. She also sells the cheapest NYX here compared to other resellers.

Anyway, I got the pressed blush in Spice and 3 nail polishes.

Monday, November 16, 2009

Eyebrow Coat

On one of my Saizon-Daiso trips I found this on their beauty racks: Eyebrow Coat.

I don't understand most of it since it's written in Japanese. Packaging is c-u-t-e!!!! Looking closely I was surprised to see the brand Ever Bilena at the bottom. I didn't know EB was a Japanese brand. I thought it was a local brand ever since. The product itself is Made in Taiwan though.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Major Haul!

All my packages came within a span of a week! I'll just post individual reviews and swatches some other time.

From Eyeko - my nail polishes (and a free FS Beauty Rehab Rose Salve for using code E120). I was supposed to give this as a gift but my little girl opened it. She wanted to use all the colors right away so I swatched them all on her nails (sorry, no photo).

Monday, November 9, 2009

Cure Natural Aqua Gel

My friend S. said I will get hooked on this and I am! CURE NATURAL AQUA GEL is one of the most expensive skin care items I ever bought. This is available locally for Php 1,699 at Beauty and Minerals.

Product info from Beauty and Minerals website:

"What is Cure
Cure Natural Aqua Gel is a gentle and natural exfoliating gel that removes dead
skin effectively without causing undue stress to the skin. Unlike chemical peels
which use strong acid, Cure is very gentle on the skin and only removes the
unwanted dead skin. It does not dry or thin your skin which causes your skin to be vulnerable to sunlight.

Properties of Cure
Made of 90% revitalized hydrogen water and natural plant extracts of aloe vera,
ginko and rosemary. Contains no preservatives, fragrance, artificial colorings and alcohol.

Benefits of Cure
Our skin is the largest single organ in our entire human body and being the outermost layer of covering, it is most exposed to the harmful effects of ultraviolet light and the free radicals in the environment. Our skin undergoes a renewal process every 28 days where the growth of new skin cells will push up the old skin cells to the surface. When these old skin cells are not removed, it will hinder our skin renewal and regeneration, giving rise to various skin problems such as clogged pores, blackheads, dull skin tone, blemishes, pimples, and etc.

CURE gently and effectively removes old and dead skin cells to regularize skin turnover and prevent skin problems. Cure will complement any facial regime, making sure your moisturizers and serums have better and deeper penetration when your old skin cells are removed. With regular use of Cure, your skin is kept healthy, smooth, and glowing".

I pre-ordered my own bottle months ago when I read raves about this product. It is one of Japan's best-selling products and so, when I got it last month I used it right away. The first time I used this, I was amazed at how soft and smooth my skin felt right after. I think it was the first time my skin felt that soft.

To use, I just pump 1-2 times and apply on my just cleansed face and neck. I let it dry a few seconds then start gently massaging my face until I feel the flaky stuff come off my skin. Here's what it looks like:

I then rinse off the white residue and go thru my tone and moisturize steps. It is recommended to use this only up to 2x a week as too much exfoliation can be bad for your skin. Although with a product this mild, some use this every other day. I stick to the once or twice a week schedule myself.

The bottle says it is made up of 90% water. It is a transparent milky color, no fragrance, no preservatives nor alcohol. End result is radiant and soft skin which makes the other steps of your C-T-M routine work better because the dead skin cells have been exfoliated.

I hope my bottle lasts me a few months. It is 8 oz. or 250 ml. in size so I am using it sparingly. My Singaporean friend M. wanted to try it out too but found it a bit expensive in Singapore. I told her it was worth it.

Has anybody else tried or used Cure Aqua Gel?

Friday, November 6, 2009

McDonald's Coke Glasses

They're out today! Hurray! I aim to collect all 6 of these glasses made by Luminarc for Coca-Cola. You can get them from McDonald's for Php 25 each with any Value Meal order.

I went yesterday to my neighborhood McD's but it wasn't available yet so I told the person behind the counter taking my order that I would buy the next day instead when the glasses are out LOL!

On the way home from picking up my DD from school this morning, we dropped by McD's and got 3 value meals for lunch and 3 glasses. We got Purple, Pink and Charcoal.

Three down, 3 more to go. Next to get are Blue, Lime and Green! I think I'll drown in Value Meals for the next 2 or 3 days. Yes, we do collect McD Happy Meal toys too for DD although we rarely complete them like the Hello Kitty anniversary collectibles.

I am not in any way connected with McDonald's, Coca-Cola or Luminarc. I only like McD's food and I don't even drink any kind of soft drinks (bad for the health!).

Photo taken from Coca-Cola Conversations website. Thanks!

Crystal's Giveaway

For Philippine residents only:

Crystal of Musicalfan Loves Minerals is giving away a Belle De Jour 2010 Planner!

Link to contest rules and her blog here.

Ooh, I want one of these (instead of the Starbucks Planner) and I hope I get to be picked.

Monday, November 2, 2009

EG Minerals Haul

This came in the mail last week. It's my haul from the EG Minerals sale a month ago.

I got a sample of the Mineral Mousse foundation in Helena, a FS bottle of the Liquid Mattifying Moisturizer and Complexion Corrector in Apricot and samples of the Yellow Tweaker and Cover Me foundation in Soon.

Here is a swatch of the 2 pigments:

Soon on the Left and Yellow Tweaker on the Right.

I'll post reviews of the other 2 products once I've tried them out. I'm especially excited about the Mousse foundation. I'm glad this package came right on time for their current sale of Buy 2 get 1 free.