Monday, September 28, 2009

Please Help Typhoon Ondoy Victims

My heart goes out to all those affected by Typhoon Ondoy (Int'l name Ketsana). They say it's worse than what happened to Hurricane Katrina in the US.

My family and I are safe here at home and power was restored last night. Flood waters were waist deep outside our gate and it NEVER floods in our place. It almost went in to our house...maybe around an inch to go. We put all electronic equipment and electrical cords on higher places just in case.

A lot of people in other places are not so lucky. I still don't have word from my cousin and his family who lives in Pasig. Can't contact his phone. I hope they're all okay.

Just search the word Ondoy and you'll see lots of heartbreaking photos. My alma mater was also badly affected- UERM.

To make matters worse, there are 2 more typhoons coming! I hope it doesn't really hit the Philippines.

Please send donations to ABS-CBN or GMA (the network), the Red Cross or other organizations that truly want to help . Thanks!

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