Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Give Until It Hurts

Yesterday we went to UERM to bring food and water. I saw a friend of mine at the lobby whose car was one of those you saw in the video floating in the water. It was his colleague that was on top of the car and was later on rescued. They were still there yesterday because they were waiting for the tow trucks for the cars that were tossed and turned by the flood.

The whole hospital has been shut down and almost all the patients have been transferred to other hospitals or discharged. We just dropped off our relief goods at ABS-CBN last night instead.

So many people at ABS-CBN donating or volunteering. My little girl was excited when we went because she thought she was going to hand out the food and water herself to the victims. She was so disappointed when she couldn't. We had to tell her gently that she couldn't do that as of now coz she's only 4 y/o. Also, the relief goods we sent would have to be sorted out and repacked individually to benefit more people.

I know what it means when they say "give until it hurts". We emptied what was left in our wallets to buy the relief goods. Turns out it was hubby's car insurance budget he used. Now I feel guilty ordering and buying beauty products the last couple of weeks when that money could be used to help other people.

I hope more people donate because so many people still need help.

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