Thursday, September 3, 2009

Celeteque Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Facial Moisturizer

A new Anti-Wrinkle moisturizer out in the market now is Celeteque's. I found out about this through blogs and their TVC. They even had a promo of getting it for 50% off by signing up in their website and downloading/printing the e-coupon with your own code and store of your choice to claim it. I claimed mine at The Podium.

**(The downloading was only up to August 31, and I found out about it and got mine Aug. 29. Those who were able to download the coupon still have until October to use the 50% off coupon).

Celeteque is known for their facial wash/moisturizer as being one of the mildest in the market. It is non-comedogenic, fragrance free and hypoallergenic. Even though, I was never a fan of this facial wash because it did nothing for me. It also didn't clean my skin well.

On the contrary, this new product seems to be promising as their website has a challenge to those who use it. They showed women from their 30's and up with before and after pictures from Week 1 to Week 6 and the improvement in the lines on their faces. I have decided to join the challenge. I stopped using all my other moistuizers for the time being.

Here is what the product says:


I love the pump bottle it comes in, very hygienic. The moisturizer itself is a very light, white lotion that is fragrance free (meaning no strong or offensive scent). It is not runny nor sticky. It felt just like water going on the skin. I did have a difficult time getting the product out of the pump bottle initially but the pump dispenses just a little at a time.

Here's a photo of how much I use per area of my face - for both cheeks, forehead, nose and chin. ( I use my other creams for my neck). I also use this on the eye area since that's where my fine lines are and hope to be improved.

Comparing with my other facial moisturizers (Olay, Avon, Garnier) this one felt the lightest. My skin felt soft after application. It doesn't leave a shiny finish on the face but it's not completely matte either. More like a satin finish. Upon waking up the next day, my face isn't oily. No breakouts either. I do use my salicylic acid products before putting this on though. I use it morning and night and still put on my sunscreen in the daytime.

Anyway here's my before photo. There are fine lines and bags underneath my eyes.


I will be posting the progress of my challenge as the weeks go by with before and after pictures. I do hope it works for me.

Celeteque Advanced Anti-Wrinkle Moisturizer is available at Watson's, SM Dept. Stores and Mercury Drug for Php 619 per 45ml. bottle (around $13). With the 50% coupon I got mine for only Php 309.50, oh, yeah!!!

You can check their website and the women who joined their challenge here.

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