Saturday, July 26, 2008

Review on Illuminare Eye Colors

Featuring my Illuminare Eye Color trial pack!

All Day Eye Color with SPF 15, semi-matte, creamy eye colors that are water-resistant, fade-proof and crease-proof.

All the shades are neutral so those looking for color won't find them here. This is their entire line of eye color shades.


Guess how tiny they are:


eye colors



L-R: Latte, Cafe Latte, Cappuccino, Cafe Mocha, Mocha Cinnamon,
Cafe Americano, Espresso, Perla Bianca, Perla Rossa

Tried a few shades today to put them to the test. I used Cafe Latte all over lid, Cappuccino on crease and outer V, Perla Rossa on brow area as highlight and Espresso as liner on upper lid.

eye colors

eye colors

I didn't use any eye primer for this and used just tiny amounts. I applied the lighter shades with my finger and Cappuccino with a taklon e/s brush. They are creamy and can be blended well but you have to be pretty fast to do it before they set. The Espresso I applied with an angled liner brush and did a very thin line.

It's now 6 hours later and there is NO creasing whatsoever. The liner didn't transfer to my upper lid either. The colors still look the same way I put them on earlier.

Really a good line of neutral eyeshadows but I hope they make other colorful shades soon.

Oh, and one more thing. I tried to wash off the swatches I did on my arm but it was difficult to remove them. Here's a photo after rubbing vigorously with one round of washing with soap:

after washing with soap

I had to wash my arm 4x with soap and water and rub really hard just to remove the swatches. Now I guess I'd have to use a makeup remover to get this all off from my eyes later.

Friday, July 25, 2008

LA Minerals (Ff-up review)

I tried out the foundation and blush the whole day yesterday. In the afternoon I did some manual labor (I cleaned the whole bathroom bec. some work was done on the sink and pipes and the bathroom was left dirty. I also tried out the new Mr. Clean Magic Eraser I bought so I scrubbed the shower tiles, LOL!)

Well, our tiles are now squeaky clean (the Magic Eraser really works!) AND the Hollywood Face Base foundation stayed on even after I sweat buckets. The blush stayed on too with a bit of fading but it was still there.

I didn't itch and didn't breakout :-) (You know how some people start itching with mmu when they sweat).

The foundation was on my face for around 8 hours before I had to remove it.

Would I repurchase?
Yes, but not right now since I still have a bunch of fullsize ones from other brands I'm waiting for. When a sale comes up I'd definitely get a fullsize of my shade.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Revlon Colorstay Mineral Lipglaze

I saw this posted by ManhattanLatin over at Makeup Talk and am really curious about it.

Revlon Mineral Lipglaze

The Revlon website describes it as:

"Revlon’s first longwearing lip gloss with a unique mineral complex that provides a glossy seal of conditioning color. Just one application of this cushiony formula keeps lips coated with comfortable color for up to 8 hours, with no need for touch-ups. Available in 12 gorgeous, glossy shades."

It had good reviews and a YouTube review too. I hope we get those here soon (or I hope we do get those here). I really want a long lasting lippie that isn't sticky or drying and from reviews this is it.

Anyway, has anyone else tried them out?

LA Minerals Review

I am roadtesting my LA Minerals samples today. The shade match I got is Medium Warm although Medium Dark Warm doesn't look way off. To the untrained mmu eye it's still a match (but we know how OC we mmu users are LOL!).

In the photo: Medium Warm on your left (my right) and Medium Dark Warm on your right (my left).

LA Minerals

Medium Warm (L) vs. Med-Dark Warm (R)

The powder is finely milled and applied smoothly. I applied mine dry with a Lumiere flat-top brush in 2 layers, no primer, no finishing powder. Coverage is medium and not as matte as I want it to be but it's not glowy either. I have it on for an hour now and no itchies so far.

I picked up my DD and walked under the mid-morning sun, sweated a lot and the foundation is still intact. Actually the powder melded more on my skin creating a more flawless finish but I look a bit oily (coz I don't have primer or FP on). I'll try applying it wet next time. Even with sweating I didn't have any itchy reaction which is a plus.

I also tried out the LA Minerals Lush Blush in Pimped Mauve which is a matte blush. Swatching it on my arm it applied a bit powdery and light. Initially I thought it wouldn't show up on me. On my cheeks it applied very matte the way I want the foundation to have been. It is not as pigmented as other mmu blushes like Cory or Lumiere and I needed the same amount I would have used for both cheeks in these brands for just 1 cheek with LA Minerals. It looked a bit powdery on me but maybe the color I chose made it appear more natural.

Pimped Mauve blush:
without flash

with flash

After sweating it out, the blush is still present :-)

Here are a few swatches:
Top to bottom: Bronzed Babe in Lit Up, Pimped Mauve, On Stage Illuminizer

with flash

no flash

Lit Up is a bit shimmery for me to be used as an all-over bronzer. On Stage Illuminizer is also too shimmery. These both should be applied with a light hand and with a fiber optic brush. I prefer my bronzers matte or a bit creamy/dewey that it can be used all over as a contour and look natural and my illuminizers or highliters on the other hand, to be more of a sheen or with just a bit of glow.

I haven't tried the Oil control powder yet but I will soon.
Have any of you tried this brand?

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Mail Day: Birthday Packages

Another mail day for me. These are actually my "birthday gifts" but they just arrived since I ordered them during the July 4th sales and the 3rd was my b-day.

Silk Naturals: This package I got a couple of days ago with a review in the previous post. I got a refill bag of the Heavy Formula (not in photo), a sample jar of Tempt Tryst bronzer (not in photo), 2 lippies and 2 solid perfume samples.


Swatch of the lippies; Berry Crush on the left and Rare Berry on the right.

with flash
without flash

I thought Rare Berry would come out a bit strong but it's not. I actually like it. Too bad it's not a permanent line. I hope Karen finds the missing recipe for Rare Berry. And like the other lipglosses from SN, they are all very moisturising on the lips and not sticky.

I like the Fresh solid perfume since it's a citrus smell -- grapefruit. Tease was okay (vanilla and tea something scent) but it really didn't stand out for me. I haven't tried them out for a full day to say if the scent lasts long though. Will re-try it again.

Dreamworld: I got FS of Angel and Cafe Au Lait creme toppings both in clay/silica formula which work wonderfully for my oily skin. I also got a FS of Blushing Werewolf, an LE blush.



I had a sample before of Peanut Butter creme topping but it turned out to be a bit dark on me. It could be used as a contour powder though. Good thing it was the lighter version of Peanut Butter I got which is Cafe Au Lait. And all along I thought it was Butter that I ordered (memory gap, LOL!). I now have 3 fullsized jars of the Creme Toppings and I want to get some other shades. Too bad I ordered before they changed the jars to 30 gr. ones. The ones I have were in the 20 gr. jars.

Lauress: I got the Trio Kit of fullsizes in Pure Yellow Minimalist, Fantastic Finish in Medium and Chiffon Enhancer.


This came as a freebie: Star Light e/s in Deja Vu.

Deja Vu
Lauress foundation in the Minimalist formula (with only 4 or 5 ingredients) is one of my HG foundations because it stays on well on my oily skin. It is also one of the most photogenic mineral makeup I've ever used. Definitely one of my best buys that this package is the 1st of 2 FS foundations I got while they were on sale. The other one is coming in a week or 2. (I hoarded while I can).

LA Minerals: these are all sample baggies for $1 each, free shipping anywhere in the world. I haven't tried any of them yet but I will in the next few days.

LA Minerals

In photo are the following samples; top row L-R: Bronzed Babe in Lit Up, Lush Blush in Pimped Mauve, On Stage Illuminizer; bottom row L-R: Oil Control Mattifying Powder in Medium, Hollywood Face Base Untinted, Hollywood Face Base in Medium Warm and Medium Dark Warm. Hoping these turn out good as well as the others :-)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

SN Heavy Coverage Formula, Dayna's Blushes

I just got my last Silk Naturals order a few days ago and today mixed up some of the Heavy foundation formula with my current jar of the original light coverage formula. The mix I made was 6:2:6 of Ivory:Buttery Gold:Ebony. I did this twice to even out the 12 scoops of Ivory Light Coverage in my current jar.

I think this made my mix sort of a Medium Coverage, right (Light + Heavy)? However, when I tried it out on my face the effect was sooo much better than the original SN foundation. More coverage definitely. What more if I just used the Heavy formula straight on it's own. This is such good news!!!

I also tried out some of the blushes Dayna sent with my order before from her own line of Dayna's Minerals. I tried Empress' New Clothes (pinky-brown) which I initially thought didn't show up on me. It is really an e/s but Dayna said she uses it as a blush, too. I added a second layer and took a closer look. The blush colored my face without looking like a "blush" but like a contouring powder. It really was pretty.

Next one I tried out was Coral Breeze (coral with slight pink finish). Now this is really pretty, too. Usually, these shades don't show up or look good on me but this one did. It wasn't too bright and with just one layer it showed up. Dayna's blushes sure are pigmented.

I applied these 2 blushes using my Lumiere flat-top brush as an experiment. I was amazed that the blushes looked airbrushed on me. Maybe because of the buffing. I'll try it out again another day.

I'll post pictures once I transfer them to the PC although they don't really look good (my face was shiny) coz I was just experimenting in the late afternoon and in a very hot and humid weather.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

DW's Amenti

I finally found my Dreamworld foundation match in Amenti.
In the photos I am only wearing DW Amenti in Luna and MAC tinted lip conditioner. Nothing else :-)

Amenti With Flash

Amenti Without Flash

I prefer the Luna formula for my oily skin and this time I can go and get my Giant (3 oz jar) sized jar. Better get the biggest one so I can stock up and save on shipping. Coverage is medium to heavy for me with no need for a concealer. Finish is not too matte that it looks flat. Definitely one of my HG's now. I also like Dw's Creme Toppings in the clay/silica formula. Works great with my oily skin and I don't breakout from them.

I'm so happy I found my match!

Mail Day!

Mail days are like Christmas aren't they? I'm sure you all feel the same way I do :-)
Got 3 packages yesterday from DW, Sally and Lumiere.
From Dreamworld, this is the replacement package of my missing one. (That's why my next order I sent via Priority mail :-( ).


It's the Fullsize jar of Butterscotch Creme Topping (clay/silica), samples of Angel and Peanut Butter Creme Toppings and Amenti in Luna. I got more FS jars of Angel and Butter in my next order and I'm glad to hear that DW's FS of Creme toppings are now in 30 gr. jars! More value for your money definitely. Amenti looks like my match (see next post).

From Sally I bought her EDM Angled Blush Brush and she so generously added a few other samples as a birthday gift. Thank you so much!


Included were a 5 gr jar of Plum Dust blush, baggie samples of Launch Party blush, Alima e/s in Prosecco and Bayou and Starlight Glo (is this DW?). Glad to try out Plum Dust since this is in my ghost cart at EDM.

From Lumiere I got 2 blushes in Terra Cotta and Mimosa and English Rose Lumi lips.

Notice that their packaging is now shrink-wrapped.


Here's the swatch of English Rose taken without flash under bathroom lighting.

English Rose lumilips swatch

It applied very sheerly and didn't stay long on the lips. For an everyday gloss it would do but I don't think I would repurchase.

Oh, I also got a card from Ann with birthday shower samples.

samples from Ann

I still have a few more packages I'm waiting for but they've all just been shipped this week so I still have to wait a few more weeks.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Kid's Party FOTD & A Bonding Activity

Went to my hubby's niece's 1st birthday party this afternoon. Actually, we both have the same birthdate.



Bare Naturals S5 Primer
Sweetscents' Hide-A-Pore MEd-Dark
Lauress Pure Yellow Minimalist foundation
Cory Light Violet Finalizer
Joppa Finishing Silk Medium
AL Coquille powder in Nectarine on cheeks and undereye area
Blush: Meow Firefly blush (I forgot what shade)
Dayna's Minerals Glow in Whisper Pink on cheeks and nosebridge
Lips: AL Wallflower Color Creme



UDPP primer
SN Sleep in a Jar all over lid
Pureluxe Golden Sands from lashline to crease
Pureluxe Harmony on crease and outer V
Dayna's Minerals glow in Golden Zephyr as highlight on browbone


Started a family bonding activity this morning: Brisk Walking!!!
We went early this morning to a University's grounds where you'll see lots of people biking, jogging or walking during weekends. Had a great time and I know it is beneficial to our health. Going around the main grounds was a 2.2 km distance and I went 2 rounds (4.4 km). My mom went 3 rounds and my hubby and DD went on 1.5 rounds since my DD got tired. Next time we'll just bring along her bike so we can go faster.

Now I need to get me some Dry-Fit tops for brisk walking LOL!

Friday, July 4, 2008

B-day FOTD and some packages

Had my birthday dinner last night at Pepper Lunch. The food was great in a unique and fun way of dining. Once the food is served in a 260"C sizzling plate, you have to turn over or mix the food right away to cook it yourself then add the sauce you want. It was really yummy! This resto has branches all over Asia.

We got different slices of cake to share and pass around so we can taste all of them. After dinner, it was coffee for everyone at Coffe Bean & Tea Leaf except for me since I was so full from the food we ate.

no flash

with flash

Sweetscents Hide-A-Pore in Med-Dark as primer
Buff'd in Buff Original formula applied wet
Joppa Finishing Silk in Medium
AL Coquille powder in Nectarine on cheeks and undereye area
Joppa in Plumeria
Lumiere Silk Radiance in Nectar applied with Lumiere FO brush
Carmex lipbalm
AL Lipgloss in Yum (old version in click pen)

EOTD (no photo):
SN Sleep in a jar all over lid
SN Lurid from lashline to crease
PureLuxe Chocolate Blueberries on crease
AL Perle powder in Illusion as highlight under brows

Food Pics:

Chicken Pepper Rice

Vanilla something cake

Green Tea Cheesecake

Molten Chocolate Cake


Got my Dayna's Minerals package today. It was very fast since Dayna just sent it last week.

Dayna's Minerals

This was a tiny order since I only got 3 glows in 10 gr jars. I got Violet Vesper, Golden Zephyr and Whisper Pink. They're all so pretty! Dayna included some freebies in Golden Summer Glow, Mauving On Up, Empress' New Clothes and Coral Breeze (thank you!).

Will wait for the rest of her stuff to be posted up with photos before I make another order.

Jandi sent me a card with some samples for the birthday samples shower. Thanks Jandi!

from Jandi

My Aromaleigh package:
Got a couple of minijars of Perle powder in Splendor and Spectre, a fullsize tube of Wallflower color creme and a fullsize jar of Nectarine Coquille Powder.

Yahoo! Lauress is on sale!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Silk Naturals MOAC 3

What did you get?

I know, I It'll only create more lemmings in me so I'd rather just buy and get it over with, he he.
I only got a few things from SN and was able to use the code "friend" for 5% off.
I couldn't find that box to put in the points to redeem with but maybe next time.

My order:
-Tahiti Sweetie Bronzer
- Rare Berry l/g
- Berry Crush
- Sample Fresh - Pink grapefruit cassis solid fragrance
- Sample Tease - Solid fragrance
- Refill Heavy Coverage Ivory Foundation

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Had hubby's and my blood work done early this morning before breakfast. Hope everything is normal when we get the results tomorrow

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

LA Minerals

Has anybody tried this company?

I don't know if it's new but I read older posts (a few months back) on MMM. Anyway, I ordered a few samples today because they ship samples only FREE ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD.

I got the following in baggies for $1 each with 1/2 tsp per baggie:
* Hollywood Foundation Samples:
-- Medium Warm
-- Medium/Dark Warm
-- Untinted Base (so if these are dark on me, they won't go to waste and I could just make them lighter)
* Lush Blush Sample in Pimped Mauve
* Bronzed Babe Sample in Lit Up (similar to NARS Orgasm blush shade)
* Oil Control Powder Sample in Medium
* On Stage Illuminizer Sample

My total was $7, free shipping :-)