Sunday, September 13, 2009

E.L.F. Studio Eyebrow Kit

The e.l.f. Studio Eyebrow Kit. I got mine in the Dark shade from the Makeup Mix Shop (click logo on my sidebar to shop).

It is housed in a sleek black compact with a brow gel and powder plus a small dual-ended brush to use it with. There was a bit of condensation on the gel when I got it but it was no biggie. It was fairly easy to use even if I had very little experience with brow powders.

Swatch, no flash:
Powder on top, gel at bottom.

with flash:

I have thick and full brows that always need grooming/plucking. Most of the time I just use a brow gel in the tube or my Palladio brow wax pencil (which I can't find anywhere anymore) to tame my unruly brow hairs. I have one area at the middle of my right brow that is a bit sparse so this brow duo came in handy.

I put on the gel using the angled brush end first then the powder to fill in the color using the blending brush end. I used small strokes in the direction of hair growth and just cleaned up the upper and lower areas with a tissue. I then used my regular brow comb/brush to polish and blend evenly. I ended up with even and neater brows.

brows before:

brows after:

The shade was just right for my black brows. It just looked a bit darker coz I think I used too much powder but now I know better. It held up well for the half day I left it on my brows and I tried to rub it off but it stayed on. It doesn't say if it's waterproof so I'm assuming it isn't but at least it had good staying power. I think if I put a primer on it would last the whole day.

This is a good buy for me and one of the good products in the e.l.f Studio line. Plus it's so cheap too at only $3.

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