Saturday, November 29, 2008

Eyeko Special

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Eyeko Special

Eyeko has a special on right now:

Enter the code FREEMINTY to get a FREE Fat Balm in Minty (until November 27).

Enter my code E120 to get another fullsize Eyeko product.

That's 2 FS products free!

Free shipping for all orders.

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Zoya, EG Minerals shade

Monday, November 24, 2008

FYI (Rant ahead)

A few days ago, I discovered that some of my old pictures were posted by an e-tailer without my permission nor was credit given to the owner of the photos (me).  I won't mention the company anymore as I think the issue has been "resolved".   Who knows how long they have been posted there (I did the photos over a year ago) and were used TO SELL products?  The photos were watermarked as their own!

The thing is, when I discovered the incident and informed the company, I blogged about how mad I was about what happened.  I had the right to be angry of course, since I was the wronged party. What eventually happened is that I was threatened by a "friend" of the owner saying she would blog negatively about me.  How vicious can some people be?  I was the offended person, yet I was the one being threatened.   She also stated that she would inform all other companies I post pictures of (to which I give due credit if they were taken from their websites) or review and say "bad things" about me.

I took down the said blog post because I didn't want to make things worse.  I'm a peace-loving person and I blog because I want to.  It's fun trying out new things and sharing views with other people.  It is users and haters like these people who make the world an ugly place.

So to you, you know who you are, don't think I was the least bit threatened because me and a lot of other people know the truth about those photographs. 

To all other bloggers, make sure you put a watermark on all your photos.  And not just a tiny watermark but put it ACROSS the things you're photographing. 

**Take note that I did not mention any company  nor any person in this post.  I still consider the matter as over and done with so if I get any more threats let's just say they still feel guilty.


Tuesday, November 18, 2008

7 Deadly Lippies

Trying Out Eyeko

Just tried out the Eyeko Cream and Strawberry Fat balm today.

The Cream (see swatch in previous post) has a very slight iridescence when applied. On my skin tone it really doesn't show up that much. It's not sticky at all and goes on smooth. It dries quickly so blend fast. It looks so natural on and I'm really liking it. I only applied it around my eyes to try out even on my undereye area. It has a bit of a brightening effect.

The Strawberry Fat Balm looks so pretty! This and the Minty one smell delicious with Strawberry giving out a berry-ish tint to my lips without being too shiny. It didn't dry out my lips either. I tried a bit of it on my cheeks but it felt a bit tacky but not sticky that I couldn't blend it real well. I'd prefer to use this on my lips.

I'd like to try out the Tinted Cream version and their other products.  So tempting!


Nothing on except Vit. C Serum, sunblock and these 2 Eyeko products.

Eyeko Cream on eyelids and undereyes.
Eyeko Strawberry Fat Balm on cheeks and lips.

with flash

no flash


Update on Vit. C Serum

Today is Day 7 of my use.  Next course of 7 days for next month.  

I still have pigmentation issues on my face but hopefully they go away in time.  They have lightened a bit due to the Vit. C serum and my face looks poreless everytime I apply it.  My skin is glowing and has smoothened out.  

Turns out that this ampule I have has more than half left over so I can still use it for next month's cycle.

Monday, November 17, 2008

My Eyeko Goodies

I was supposed to have gotten this package from the PO weeks ago but just didn't have time. From the UK to the Phils. basing on the postmarks it got here in 4 days!!!  A record!  However it got stuck in customs and the parcel date was stamped 4 days later.

They have free worldwide shipping and I used a code to get a free product.  At the time I ordered they also had a buy 2 get 1 free so I got 4 products for the price of 2 with free shipping. Total damage= GBP 10 (around P700++)

The whole loot:

3-in-1 Cream (Eye Cream, Highliter & Moisturiser). This would be too shimmery to be used all over the face though.

 swatch of the Cream 

Fat Balms in Strawberry and Minty (this was the free product I got!).  They smell so yummy.

5-in-1 Eyeshadow Tin in Sexy Eyes. These are as big as the Cargo blushes.  Notice the Eyeko word embossed at the 4th shade?

Getting these makes me want to go and order again!

If you do order, don't forget to use my code E120 for a free product!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Because of Inan....

I just purchased from Etsy for the 1st time.

From madcitysue I got the following:

1.Moisturizing Whipped Body Sugar Scrub 8oz. half and half in the scents:

Reindeer Cakes - Dark chocolate cake topped with buttercream frosting and sprinkled with flaky coconut (in white color)

Marshmallow Cocoa – Nothing better after a long day sledding, creamy milk chocolate cocoa topped with a mountain of fresh marshmallows (in pink color)

2. Foaming Shower Parfait Cream Soap 8oz. half and half in the scents:

Iced Gingerbread -- Freshly baked gingerbread cookies with just the right amount of white icing -- a delicious combination of sweet and spice (in yellow color)

Pumpkin Brulee' -- thick, rich vanilla cream, pumpkin, brown sugar and just a hint of spice (in violet color)

I had trouble ordering at first but worked it out eventually. Good thing Sue was online the same time I was and we were emailing each other. She said she'll be shipping my order this week. Can't wait to get it.

Inan: you are fueling my bath & body addiction with all your good finds...thanks! LOL!
I haven't forgotten your tag for the lippies...I'll do it this week :-)

** Photos taken from madcitysue's site at

Friday, November 14, 2008

EcoTools & Vit. C Serum

My Eco Tools brush I ordered before is now here! I only got the powder brush and it is huge but very soft. I love it.


Other stuff included were the Neutrogena Mineral Sheers e/s in Shell and a couple of Sunblock for hubby for when he plays golf, tennis and goes mountain biking.



Skin care wise, my dermatologist has been using a new Vitamin C serum on herself which made her complexion so smooth and looks lifted. When I had my 4th IPL session a week ago she did an IPL on my face too and applied the serum on my face. The instant effect is a pore-less face lasting for 24 hours.

It felt wonderful! Well, I got myself a vial to try out. It's supposed to be used daily in the morning before sunblock for 7 consecutive days only then repeated monthly. She says the lasting and permanent effect would be after a few boxes (specifically 5 with each box containing 5 vials) with the face becoming wrinkle-free. She even showed me her forefinger she uses to apply the serum which has become smooth in comparison with her other fingers LOL!

Here's how it looks like:

vit. C

It's a glass vial and the top has to be snapped open. 1 vial is good for 7 days use. I am now on the 3rd day of use. I think this is only sold in clinics and used under medical supervision. I'm just not sure how much it costs elsewhere but I got it at a discount bec. were colleagues and friends.

I'm now on antibiotics bec. my sore throat has become full blown pharyngitis (with exudates, self-diagnosed by me, ha ha). I can't swallow because of the pain and have been sleeping the whole day. I just took a dose of pain killers so I was able to make this post. Hope this goes away soon coz I hate being sick (who doesn't?).

Thursday, November 13, 2008

HK Haul

I'll start with my hauls which really isn't much. 

1 USD = 7.6 HKD for reference

From Sasa:

They had so many different kinds of cosmetics there most of which you read reviews about from Musings of a Muse but I was too scared to buy some for fear of breaking out. Also if it doesn't work for me I couldn't return it. So I just looked at everything and admired them LOL! Brands were Sasa, Sana, Bourjois, Palgantong, and other Japanese brands which I couldn't read, etc. They also had BENEFIT in some branches but it was 2-3x more expensive than US price!

I got a hair straightening brush ($35HK, really cute!), Lip Ice set (tube for day w/ SPF 15 and the pot for night), Disney perfumes (for my nieces), Fasio medicated cooling spray for face ($35HK), a clear eyebrow gel ($15HK), and sachets of masques ($5HK @) .

My mom got another Fasio cooling spray at the last minute but completely forgot that she placed it in my carry-on bag. At the airport check, they saw it on the X-ray machine and had to dispense with it bec. it was 200g. I wanted to cry coz we were going to give that to my SIL.

This one's a heated eyelash curler for $12 HK. We got 2 (1 to give away).

From H&M:

I only got a purple bag for $149 HK. All their clothes were winter clothes and we don't have winter in the Phils. so I wasn't able to buy anything. They also had a complete line of Hello Kitty H&M cosmetics plus their own H&M line of make-up but I didn't get any again for possible negative reactions.

From Esprit outlet:

The only pieces of clothing I got. One for me (blue) for $49 HK and 1 for hubby ($112) bec. it was cheaper to buy the same brand locally here.

From Ladies Market in Mongkok:


I got my DD pajamas in Hello Kitty, Little Twin Stars and My Melody for 3 for $100 HK. Their markets weren't that good (for me) since I could buy a lot more stuff at our markets here.

That's a set of Hello Kitty head rest for cars which my mom got for her car. The 2 bags are strawberry jam filled marshmallows I got at a grocery.
From The Peak Market:

An enamel elephant for my Bro-in-law.

Lots of enamel bangles and compact mirrors to give away this Christmas. We got the bangles for buy 10 get 1 free ($20HK @).

A Kaleidoscope! (we said it's for my DD but it's really for me LOL!)

From Ocean Park:

Panda cellphone charms

From the Grocery:

Chocolates, gummis, tubes of Tiger Balm Neck & Shoulder Rub which we tried the 1st night. It felt sooo good on our sore muscles that's why we got back and got more tubes (3 for me and 2 for mom), bottles of XO sauce which my dad and brother loves. We got 5 bottles of Extra Hot and 1 regular (for my FIL).

From Ngong Ping Village:

Delicacies my mom got at the stalls there. She loves these (but I don't).

From a store along Nathan Road:


This bag is expandable and was a last minute buy before going to the airport. All the stuff we got at the grocery wouldn't fit in our luggage so I bought an extra bag to put them all in as carry-on in the plane. Well, at least now I have a new overnight bag :-)

From a store at The Peak:

A Chinese hat with braided hair at the back. Mom got this for her costume for their Christmas party (Chinese theme I think).

I know we also got a few more stuff from Sasa like huge tubes of lotions and blushes to give our helpers at home and for my mom's staff at the office but she gave it to them before I got a picture.

So that's the only stuff I got from Hong Kong. Not too much in terms of clothes, no shoes. They were all so expensive and a lot of brands seen in dept. stores were high end which I'm not really fond of. Photos of the trip coming up this week.

When we do plan to go shopping we'll just go to Bangkok with an empty suitcase, no kids and husbands, just us women.

Eyeko Ambassador

I am now an Eyeko Ambassador!

Order from Eyeko and use the code E120 to get a free product for every order you make.

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Back from vacation

Had a wonderful but tiring time in Hong Kong!  My back hurt from all the walking we did.  Wasn't able to buy much though because everything was soooo freaking expensive!

Detailed post with photos within the week.  I am fighting a sore throat (due to cold weather) that I hope doesn't become full blown because it turned so cold there and we only had light jackets with us.  It was freezing especially the last night, maybe around 12 deg. Celsius? I don't know the exact temp. but even the Caucasians were so cold.

I just had a full body massage in my bedroom this afternoon.  I fell asleep and my sore muscles felt relieved for a bit, aaahhh.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

EG Minerals & going on vacation

First of all, Barack Obama won! If I were American, I would have voted for him. I was teary-eyed listening to his speech this afternoon.



I didn't order these but Michelle sent them to me bec. I didn't like the scent of the previous lippie. The new ones I really like! The scent is vanilla-ish (?) but different. It reminds me of something I've smelled before but I don't really remember what it is.

High Tea Lipgloss (LE) and Bellaire Lip cream

EGM lippies

This one's not from EG but I'll include it anyway. It's an AVON Pro-to-Go lipstick in Soft Peach. Really cute packaging.

Swatches: L-R: Soft Peach, High Tea, Bellaire

With flash



Swatches: I couldn't get a good focused photo for these swatches, sorry.
L-R: Flirt, Essence, Baesar

blush swatches


I'm off to Hong Kong on Friday up to Monday. Hopefully it won't rain since weather forecast would be cloudy to rainy :-(. Also I hope I get to do some shopping for clothes. Wish me luck. Been making our itinerary the whole week.

I've packed our clothes at the start of the week and for the 3 of us I've fitted them in ONE medium-sized suitcase (and all on 1 side of the suitcase too, other side would be for toiletries, etc)! I did bring an extra foldable bag just in case we get some shopping done. I travel light always.

My MMU is all packed and ready to go too. I'll be bringing DW Themis + Hebe mix, DW Cafe Au Lait finishing powder, Aromaleigh URFP in Translucent, Cargo blush in Tonga, Physician's Formula e/s compact and maybe the new EG lippies. AVON Magix would also go with me as my primer and mattifier. That's it. All no shimmer, matte, pressed and compacts for easy use.

Have a great weekend everyone!!! See you next week.