Tuesday, September 15, 2009

E.L.F. Nail Polish

Have you tried e.l.f. nail polishes?

I recently tried 3 shades which I got from the Makeup Mix Shop (click on the logo at my sidebar to shop) and I got the following shades (L-R): Berry Pink, Champagne and Bubble Gum Pink.

They are Big 3 Free (woohoo!) and cheap at only $1 per bottle. The best thing abut them? They dry fast! I didn't need to put on a quick dry topcoat when I swatched all these coz they were all dry to touch in a matter of a few minutes. Less than 5 minutes!

All swatched with no basecoat and no topcoat:

Bubble Gum Pink:

- I had a little problem with the formula on this one. I had on 4 coats of this shade because everytime I would put the next coat on it would drag the previous coat leaving uneven spots. The formula was a bit thick unlike the other 2 shades I got. You have to let it fully dry before applying the next coat (which I didn't do). I think I need to put a nail polish thinner in this one.

no flash

with flash


- This was 2 coats with no application problems. A very pretty neutral (and nude) color. This I left on my nails and had no chips for 3 days (because by then I had to remove it).

no flash

with flash

Berry Pink:

- This was 2 coats, no application problems. It's very pigmented.

no flash

with flash

***This one spilled (see bottle cover?) because I found out that my little girl played with all these 3 colors when I left them on my dresser. She put the different shades on her nails. Our bedsheets are also full of the Berry Pink shade because she tried to wipe them off her fingers then covered them with pillows so I wouldn't find out.

I hope e.l.f. would bring the nail polishes locally (and sell them cheaply) because these are really good polishes that are safe to use. There are a good number of shades to choose from too.

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