Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Buff'd Match

Tried out my Buff'd samples today to get my color match. I got Almond, Buff and Caramel. So far, I think I like Buff best on me and in photos.

With Almond on:
with flash:

This looks too light on me especially in photos. Excuse the dark circles under my eyes. We got home late last night from a wake.

With Buff on:
no flash:

with flash:

This doesn't look too light even with flash.

With Caramel on:
no flash:

with flash:

Caramel looks perfect with flash but I look like I have bronzer on in natural light. Even a few hours later (which is right now that I'm posting this) I still look a bit tanned. I could probably use this when I get a bit tan this summer.

I guess Buff is my buff'd shade :-)


My BRTC BB Cream trial pack has arrived!!! I also got 2 post office notices which I'll get tomorrow. I hope those are my DW and Joppa full sizes.

It contains 3 sachets of 2 ml each of the ff:
Whitening & Wrinkle Repair BB Cream
Perfect Protect 46 (sunscreen)
Perfect Recover Balm

Will try them out next week.

Someone from our local forum gave me lots of new mmu to try out. She made them herself but some don't have any labels so I don't know what they are supposed to be.
They're called "I Heart Minerals".

Monday, April 28, 2008

Mail Day

Mail came in today in the form of my Cory and Buff'd samples.

I ordered this new batch from Cory Cosmetics because Beyond Cream seemed a bit light on my skin. I got Carmel Cream plus lots of mica-free matte eyeshadow and blush samples.

Mica-Free Foundations



Mica-Free e/s

Buff'd Cosmetics: I got samples of those with slight yellow undertones because their foundations seem to run too yellow. They also gave me a blush sample in Brick. Buff'd now offers smaller samples on their website but they are for sale. Good thing I got these ordered for free by emailing their company.


Freebie blush

Swatches and testing soon!

DW FOTD, SPF Musings

Went to a dog show yesterday which my daughter kept asking us to go to. There was a dog frisbee challenge that was fun to watch.

Baby Magic Daily Protection Lotion for faces SPF 20 as primer
Dreamworld Luna foundation in Themis-Hebe mix
DW Butterscotch Creme Topping
AL Coquille Powder in Nectarine
Blush: DW Pixie Sunset
Lips: Kiehl's Tinted Lipbalm

UDPP as primer
SN Unblush all over
DW Athena from lashline to crease
DW Sweet Cream as highlight

I've been "obsessing" for the past few months, or maybe the past year on and off, about sunscreen for the face. We all know it is very important to put on sunblock for the face and body because of our current global situation (global warming, ozone depletion). Even indoor light, computer and TV screens emit UV rays that protection is needed. Even if I am not Caucasian (which are more prone to skin cancers because they have lesser melanin in their skin) and have a darker skintone, I still need the SPF. Minimum of SPF15 for the face for daily use and higher if outdoors. And don't forget the benefit of putting on sunblock daily on the face: looking young even when you're much older!
I've been using Olay UV Whitening Lotion SPF 24 for my face and neck as AM moisturiser the past year but I am still on the lookout for better ones out there. This also works as primer underneath MMU if I'm in a hurry. I've tried lots of local brands but still end up going back to Olay. Lucky me I never broke out with it's use.

A few weeks ago I came across this:

I got this 5 oz. tube for only Php145 or less than $3.50. Bought this for my daughter's use this summer and once she starts school in June because we will mainly walk to and from school since it's only a couple of blocks away (unless it's raining then we'll go by car). It's never too young for her to start using sunscreen. It's mainly for kids' and babies' faces and has SPF 20. It is waterproof, PABA and fragrance-free. It says "protection' because it's for drooling babies, he he. One of the main ingredients is Dimethicone to protect against the harsh effects of babies' drool on the skin.

Therefore, if it's good for babies, it's good for me! Dimethicone is one of the main ingredients in makeup primers so I can definitely use this for that purpose. I tried it out and it works just fine. It doesn't leave a white cast on the face like most sunscreens and I didn't break-out. It's also not heavy on the face although it's not as smooth as other primers (like Camellia Rose V2.0). This is what I used in my FOTD in this entry. At least now I have an alternate primer to use although I still need a moisturiser beneath this.
I think I'm going back to that store and hoard more tubes of this stuff (for me and DD). I tried searching for this online but I couldn't find it even in the Playtex Baby Magic website.

I was checking out sunscreens at Watson's yesterday. I wanted to try out Neutrogena Dry-Touch Sunblock SPF 55 but heard not so good reviews on it at MUA si I skipped it. I also found Neutrogena's Cooling Gel sunblock SPF 30 (since gel sunblocks are better for oily-skinned gals like me) but when I tried it on my hand it balled up while I was rubbing it in.
This is what I ended up with yesterday:

Olay Complete Defense SPF 30+ for sensitive skin. Yahoo! An improvement to the regular Olay UV lotion that I use. Higher SPF and it's fragrance-free. My other Olay bottle is running low that's why I got this to use once the other is empty. I like this too because the bottle spout locks when twisted to the left.
Nevertheless, the hunt still continous because I want an all-purpose one: moisturiser, high SPF and PRIMER for mmu purposes.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Weekend FOTDs

A few FOTDs from different weekends:

Sunday, April 13
We went to my friend's house in Pampanga. We weren't able to go a few months ago during their house-warming party. Their house is so beautiful.


A very hot and uber humid day!
Bare Naturals S5 primer
Joppa Medium #3 foundation
Joppa finishing silk in Medium and Rosey
Joppa Earthen Rose blush
Lumiere Bare Skin silk radiance on cheeks
VS Beauty Rush in Oatstanding (gone because this was taken after lunch)
Valerie Beauty Delicate Sweetness all over lid
Valerie Beauty Faerie on lashline to crease

Saturday, April 19
I attended my mom's office party for a comic book launch at Fully Booked in BHS. There were games and food for the kids (and grownups). Lots of Krispy Kreme donuts were given away and I had my fill. Yum!

Camellia Rose Skin smoothing Primer V2.0 on face and eyelids (this makes a real good eye primer too)
Cory Beyond Cream foundation (a bit light for me, I need a darker shade)
UGG Buttercup concealer on undereye
AL Pure Cover #5 concealer on some spots
Joppa finishing silk in Medium and Rosey
EDM Wafflecone blush
SN Halo Glow on cheeks
VS Beauty Rush l/g in Oatstanding


Camellia Rose V2.0 primer (my e/s lasted around 6 hours before it creased! UDPP is still my HG but this works too)
SN Unblush all over lid
Aromaleigh Lorelei from lashline to crease
Aromaleigh Sophie on crease and outer V
Aromaleigh Nectar Rouge above crease (doesn't show up as blush on me)
Indelible Gel Liner in Magnetism

After the book launch I went up a floor to a bazaar where Ellana Minerals had a booth. I met Coney personally at last. We've known each other for more than 2 years thru GT, her online store and thru texts. I've even seen her do guestings on TV. I bought a few items from her mineral line too:

I got the Hazelnut Latte Premium blend foundation for my mom, Espresso Con Panna Oil Control finishing Powder and Flirtation sheer blush for myself. I only got the 10 gr jar sizes and I think I match the Caramel Latte foundation shade. I didn't get it yet but I plan to order it soon. The foundation fullsized jars are as big as the EDM FS jars and they are very cheap!

Flirtation blush in the photo above looks scary bright pink in the jar. Applied with a light hand, it is very sheer and looks natural.

Sunday, April 20
Went over to the in-laws because it was my brother-in-law's birthday lunch.


Camellia Rose Skin Smoothing Primer V2.0
Meow Pampered Puss in Naughty Abyssinian
Ellana Minerals Espresso Con Panna finishing powder
Aromaleigh Coquille Powder in Nectarine
Ellana Minerals in Flirtation
MAC Tinted Lip Conditioner in Petting Pink
Camellia Rose V2.0 primer
Valerie Beauty Something Old flexi from lashline to crease
Valerie Beauty Gratitude flexi on crease and outer V

Went to the mall (after almost a month of not going to the mall!) to do some errands. Bought odds and ends for the home and skincare products:

Playtex Baby Magic Daily Protective Lotion for faces in SPF 20 for my daughter ( a 5 oz. tube for only Php145 or $3.50). I could also use this as base and sunscreen because it has dimethicone and is waterproof. I got Mario Badescu Glycolic Gel. I got a sample of this from my last purchase of MB and I liked it. Glycolic acid is good for my acne-prone and super oily skin since my Dermatologist gives me monthly peels with this. I got one from Lure Beauty a few months ago but MB is readily available here so I opted to get this instead.

I love buying from Mario Badescu because the products work for me and partly because they give out lots of freebies of other products for me to try . It is not completely all-natural but at least they don't have too many unnecessary stuff in them. I have incorporated this product line in my skin care regimen along with emu oil and emu soap. Freebies i got in sample sizes for this purchase:

I have a FS of the Glycolic Foaming Cleanser so I just put in the samples I got into the big bottle. At least I won't have to buy a new one since it filled up to 1/3 the bottle, ha ha. I use this cleanser 2-3x a week for deep cleansing. I tried out the Orange Tonic Mask today and it smelled real good. My face looked like it had lesser pores/ smooth :-)

The Herbal Hydrating Serum is a very light moisturiser good for oily skin. Again, I used it this morning and surprisingly, my face had lesser oil-production. (I think that SA at the store is getting me hooked on another product again). The eye cream I gave to my husband since I use emu oil for my eye area now lest I get milia again from over-moisturizing my face.

I also use the Acne line of MB: Silver Powder (occasionally), Special Healing Powder (this is like MMU finishing powder), Buffering Lotion (my HG for cystic acne although I haven't had any breakouts for a while *knock on wood*. Also I have Camellia Rose Bye Bye Zit Serum to use as an alternative now), and Drying Cream (dries out superficial zits fast).

Other products I use:
-Sebamed Face and Body Liquid Cleanser (at night esp. because it removes makeup completely) -Aveeno Clear Complexion Cleanser in the morning (I've been using this for almost 1 month now)
-Emu soap from Lure Beauty (during daytime baths)
-Lush Tea Tree toner (mid-day toner, for wet application of foundation and to set my mmu)
-Mario Badescu Special cucumber Lotion (my morning toner)
-VMV Green line toner (has Clindamycin and Retinol, my night time toner)
-Olay UV whitening lotion SPF 24 for regular daytime use alternate with my Derm's own Matte Tinted Sunblock SPF 15 (for going out since it is matte)
-Queen Helene Mint Julep Masque (occasionally, when I need a quick refresher for my skin, also dries up zits if left on spots overnight)

So there is my complicated skin care regimen. I don't use all these at the same time as I've said. At least now my skin is looking much better since I've battled with acne my whole life since I was a teenager.

Friday, April 18, 2008

Camellia Rose

My Camellia Rose sample order came yesterday (I thought it got lost). I got samples of the Bye Bye Zit Serum and the Skin Smoothing Primer V2.0. Jen was kind enough to give a sample of her green tea shea soap.

I've tried the Zit Serum last night on a a few areas with bumps and when I woke up those bumps have dried up a bit. I'm liking this stuff!!!

The V2.0 I am road-testing the whole day today. The sample was really tiny in a very cute pink pot (and I mean really cute) but you won't be needing too much for the whole face. The consistency is not very thick so it was easy to spread a tiny amount. It's been 12 hours since I put on the primer, no other makeup. I didn't itch nor notice any new zits forming but it's just been a day.

The primer doesn't feel heavy on the face and my face felt so smooth after application. No sweating on my forehead like some primers I've tried that felt heavy on the skin. I'll try it out in the next few days with mmu on.

I hope Jen's store opens soon so others could try out her wonderful products.

I'll be going to a local bazaar tomorrow where one of the booths will be Ellana Minerals. I'll get to try out all the mmu there and probably get a Fullsize (Oh no! I've reached my limit for the month on mmu purchases.) *ulp* (Or maybe my Mom could buy some for me if she gets some stuff too LOL!).

BB Cream
I've been hearing lots of good stuff about BB Creams (Blemish Balm and here) and how those lovely Korean women use this to make their skin so smooth and pore-less. There are a number of local stores selling BB Creams here like The Skin Food, The Face Shop, VOV, etc. but they are a bit expensive. Anyway, I've always wanted to try out BRTC which is Korea's #1 selling brand of BB Cream and I don't know where to get it. Their website is in Korean so I don't understand a thing it says.

Good thing I found a local reseller yesterday. Hooray, hooray for my research skills! They have trial packs of the BRTC BB Cream selling for only Php499 for 9 sachets of the 3 products in their BB line. AND they're having a new shipment of trial packs coming in next week since they sold out fast. Of course I immediately reserved a set for myself. Once I get it and test it, I'll post a review. I know some Voxers have been curious about BB Creams.

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Surgical Mission & Another Zoo

Last Sunday we were in Tagaytay for the 2nd time in a week. Went with hubby for the hospital's Surgical Mission at the SVD compound. There were more than 200 kids who signed up for the Tuli (circumcision) mission.
I won't post photos of the mission because some people might find it too graphic unless you're used to such things but I posted them in my Multiply blog.


Tinted matte sunblock SPF 15 custom made by my derm for me
No primer
Joppa full coverage foundation Medium #3
Joppa finishing silk in Medium first then Rosey as a final finish
EDM All Smiles blush
Aromaleigh Nectarine Coquille powder
Lumiere Bare Skin Silk Radiance on cheeks
Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush l/g in Oatstanding
-(love this esp. the smell--- like Oatmeal cookies, too bad this has been d/c)

Made our "escape" at a quarter to 1 pm because we were so hungry by then. We had lunch at Breakfast at Antonio's. It was our 2nd time to eat here and the food is really good. As usual, we had to wait for a table because there were so many people waiting for their turn to get one even if the prices were a bit expensive.

Located at Mendez, Cavite, we had a difficult time locating this place. There were no signs indicating where to go and we just asked locals along the way. After 30 mins to an hour, we got there at last.We had a guide for the whole tour lasting for an hour at least. We toured the areas of different animals, the flower garden, vegetable garden, orchidarium/snack bar, fishing pond, butterfly farm, honey bee farm, camping site. Hubby and Nicole fed the camels. Hubby and I also tried our hand in milking goats. So easy! Organic vegetables can be bought at the zoo. Also available for sale were goats, pigs and other dairy products.By the end of the tour we were so tired and sweaty (the sun was scorching hot) that their mango juice felt so refreshing.

Good thing my Joppa foundation held up really well even without a primer and with me looking like a wet rag after.

Tuesday, April 8, 2008


Remember I posted before about my Cory order that I didn't receive? After a hard time trying to email Cory she finally replied that she sent me a replacement package which I got a few weeks ago via Priority Mail.

I tested my samples today and I was floored by her minerals. The foundation was really creamy and only very few grains were needed to do a full face. It gave a medium to heavy finish with a matte look which I prefer. Yes, it was matte but creamy and there was no powdery or chalky look nor feel to it and no cakiness. It felt so light on and I just used 1 layer when I tested it unlike my usual 2 layers. No primer or finishing powder when I tested them too. Even without a primer on, the foundation felt smooth on the face.

I got Fawn Cream, Absolute Cream and Beyond Cream foundations but swatched only the latter 2:

Absolute Cream on top and Beyond Cream below.

My face and chest matched Beyond Cream perfectly since my neck is a tad darker (I'm trying to work on that by lightening it with whitening lotion to match my face). I applied the foundation dry with Lumiere's LHK. I didn't even spritz toner to set. It looks a bit light for me in the photos but it matches well IRL (must be the flash).

I haven't tested it for a whole day yet but I will soon. Hmm...looks like HG material for me and a full size jar of 1 oz is only $12.99.

Eyeshadow swatches:
I got Cory's Mica-free Matte Shadows because I don't have any matte shadows.

Top to bottom:
Smoked- a deep charcoal grey shade
Dash - a glorious deep pink nude shade
Dimm - a beautiful true taupe color
Fever - a mid matte coral color

I've always had a problem doing swatches before because: 1: the shadows I pick are always sheer; 2: I swatch them lightly.

With these 4 (yeah, I only chose 4 shades d'uh!) I was very surprised that I had no trouble doing swatches. As you can see they are very pigmented with a light swipe on the arm and I swatched all these DRY. These pigments show up really well in the photo even with flash!
I'm sure that teeny tiny sample baggie would last long because I won't be needing too much minerals for it to show up on my eye.

Because of these, I'm wanting more Cory shadows and probably blushes too! Oh Noooooo!!!!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Here are swatches of my latest mmu haul.

Valerie Beauty
L-R: Delicate Sweetness, Mimosa, Something Old, Pashmina, Faerie, Cashmere blush

Everyday Minerals Blushes
Clockwise from upper Right: New Car Smell, All Smiles, Wafflecone, Sunday Brunch

L-R: MMBB Hazelnut, EDM In The Garden, MMBB Blushing Mauve, MMBB Red Clay