Saturday, May 31, 2008

Lumiere Sale

I have been waiting for this for a loooong time and I'm glad Aileen posted about this on our local forum. Without thinking twice (even if I'm over my monthly limit) I ORDERED!!!

I got my fullsize jar of Medium Warm Cashmere (just the 20 gr size though) plus the Cheek Color Set with Nectar, Bare Beauty and a back-up of Winter Silk (I am so loving this one).
My total for this whole caboodle was $29 something WITH SHIPPING. Hee ha!

Sale is only until Monday and use the code Lumiere20 for 20% of your entire order.

Even with all those shipping options with insurance or not, etc. I just chose the cheapest international shipping of $5 because their policy says even if I choose same with insurance this only applies to damage during shipping. So far I have NEVER had any damage to merchandise in the 3 years I've been ordering online, mmu or not. The only thing I have to deal with is the long time to wait but hopefully I get my package in the end.

The only thing I am waiting for is a Lauress Sale and I am done (for a while) with buying mmu foundations. (Ha ha, let's see). Time to build up my bank savings again.

Happy Shopping!

PS: I am typing/ surfing so fast now because my PC has been acting up since last night. It turns off on it's own and won't start. I hope I get it fixed soon. Dang!

PS2: I am sick right now with pharyngitis and am on high dose antibiotics. I almost got confined in the hospital the other day but good thing I wasn't. I am just wearing my surgical mask in the house so as not to infect the other people and my daughter especially. First time this happened to me :-( I don't even know where I got it.

PS3: I have been soooo addicted to the Twilight Series of books although I only have Book 3: Eclipse and I'm still waiting for Twilight (#1) and New Moon (#2) which I ordered online. These books have been out of stock everywhere. I can't wait for #4 Breaking Dawn to be released in August 2008, Midnight Sun (written in Edward's point of view) and the movie showing Dec. 12, 2008.

Since I bought Eclipse last Sunday, I have read the book 2 times since I am confined in bed. It is a very thick book and is just so riveting, really a page-turner.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

What's In My Bag?

As tagged by Inan I'm going to do my own bag.
I am not a bag-a-holic so my bags aren't name brand. I just use my bags (like Sue) until they fall apart or I get bored with them, whichever comes first.
First of all, the usual bags I rotate to use:

Top to bottom: A made-to-order bag Gray faux croc, Lacoste bag in beige (hubby's Christmas gift to me), Pink Adidas bag given by my BIL when he came from Germany 2 months ago and an XOXO brown print bag I bought a few years ago from

I have other bags but these are the most used. (If I get bored with one I just give it away to other people).

So, what's in my bag?

1. Bag organizer - this has pockets to put all the other stuff in and helps me find things easily and keeps my bag tidy. I only use this organizer with the gray bag because this is large and wouldn't fit into the others.
2. Wallet - red one I got from Old Navy. All cards, ID, money (if I have some LOL!) fits in here.
3. Pack of tissues
4. Pack of Baby Wipes - very important when with my daughter
5. Breath strips and TicTacs
6. After Bite - for putting on mosquito or ant bites for my DD since she's allergic to bites
7. Hand Sanitizer
8. BBW Mango Mandarin Body Spray
9. Bench Lemon Drop Cologne - my daughter's, she wants her own too
10. Off! Insect Repellant - I never leave home without it, for my DD
11. Clean & Clear Blotting Sheets - for blotting my face of course
12. small towel - I always bring one everywhere
13. Toilet Seat covers - for my DD's use on public toilets. I bring either this or the toilet seat sanitizer.
14. Lippies - Whatever I'm using for the day plus a lipbalm. In photo: AL's Rosebud and Perfect and Keihl's tinted l/b.
15. Foldable hairbrush with mirror
16. My rosary.

Missing in the photo is my cellphone (Motorolla L7, I left it in the den), camera (which I was using), my DD's own lipbalm and a lotion in a refill bottle. My DD took the lipbalm and the lotion somewhere since she loves tinkering with my bag.

As you can see, I don't carry any mmu or other makeup item with me except for a lippie. I don't retouch my face the whole day, just blot out the oilies. I just like travelling light. Actually I never brought a bag with me before I got married and had a kid. I just kept a small wallet (or no wallet) and a lippie in my pocket and that's it.

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lauress Pure Yellow

I tried out my Lauress samples again over the weekend and have decided on Pure Yellow. I really don't want to have to buy 2 FS of Pure Yellow and Pure Gold then mixing them together. That is just too much foundation (and a bit expensive too for full sizes compared to other brands).

Pure Yellow does make me look brighter compard to Pure Gold which looks dull on me. I could just color correct the yellow tones with the Lauress Chiffon (violet) color corrector which I also really like. It gives a soft matte look and at the same time lessening the too yellow tones of the foundation.

Saturday FOTD:
This is only Lauress Minimalist in Pure Yellow topped with Lauress Chiffon Enhancer

(with flash)

(without flash)

Sunday FOTD (when I watched Indiana Jones):

Camellia Rose V2.0 primer
Lauress Minimalist foundation in Pure Yellow
Lauress Chiffon Enhancer ff. by Lauress FP in Medium
Blush: Cargo Beach Blush in Echo Beach (all 4 shades using FO brush)
Lips: AL lipstick in Rosebud

Matte EOTD:

UDPP as primer
SN Unblush all over lids
Aromaleigh Pure Eyes Matte in Fawn from lashline to crease
Aromaleigh Carolina Matte e/s in Bougainvilla on crease and outer V
Aromaleigh Carolina Matte e/s in Sand under browbone

***I suck at the blending because I was in a hurry and my first time to try out mattes w/o road-testing them first..

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Day Off

Today my DD and I went to the mall to buy her first school shoes. First time that it was just the 2 of us coz usually hubby is with us or my mom. We both had a fun day shopping LOL!


Camellia Rose V 2.0 Primer
Joppa FC foundation Medium #3
Joppa finishing silk in Medium and Rosey (final)
AL Coquille Powder in Nectarine on cheeks
EDM blush in Apple
Lumiere silk radiance in Winter Silk on cheeks
SN l/g in Birthday Suit

I really like Lumiere Winter Silk. I think I'll be needing a back-up of these radiances. They're not too glowy but just enhances the cheeks or gives them a sheen without looking too oily since I'm very oily-skinned.


UDPP as primer
Valerie Beauty flexi in Skin Tight from lashline to crease, dry
Valerie Beauty flexi in Zen, thick-lined dry on upper lashline

(My 1st time to wear eyeshadow after a month or 2. These are also the 1st e/s I saw lying around that's why I used them.).

I bought "some" stuff: undies, Garnier Light Dark Spot Corrector Pen, another Zoya nail polish in Laurie:

I am so giddy with excitement because I found 1 store selling Zoya nail polishes here. I know it is only sold in the US in salons or online at Qtica (aka or w/c doesn't ship internationally and w/c does ship internationally but has VERY expensive shipping). I got only Laurie from the Blissful collection because this wasn't a planned purchase. I've been lemming for the Blissful collection for about a week now LOL! I'll get more when I go back to that mall (which is my favorite mall). I also got it cheaper than website prices (well if you include shipping). Only around $7.70 a bottle, woo-hoo!

PS: Hey, Sue! We now have the Garnier Skin Naturals line here and they're really cheap! The Dark Spot corrector, I got for only Php199 (or about $4.60). Their face washes and creams are roughly the same price both for the Light line and the Pure line.

Ahhhh! It feels so good to go out and shop with just me and DD. I must do this again soon.


FOTD of last Sunday's lunch at the Riviera Golf & Country Club:

Joppa FC in Medium #3
Joppa finishing silk in Medium and Rosey
Blush: Joppa Just Blush
Lips: Aromaleigh lipstick in Perfect
no eyeshadow

It's been raining the past few days now (2 typhoons have passed too) and I guess summer is now over when it's just supposed to be the middle of it :-(

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Valerie & Zoya

Got some of my stuff from Sophie yesterday. Some Valerie pigments and Zoya nail polishes.

Valerie Beauty pigments:

Pigments from the Blue Jeans Collection, L-R: SkinTight, Bell Bottom, Bootcut & HipHugger blush

Fortune Cookie Collection, L-R: Arigato, Zen, Pagoda, Lucky Jade

Pin-Up Girl Flexi in Smolder and Starlet Glow

Zoya Polishes:

Akyra (top), w/ flash and w/o flash. It's like a peacock blue shade, very pretty!

Irene, w/ flash and w/o flash. A mossy sage green with gold shimmer. The perfect green I've been looking for.

Both polish shades are from Zoya's Utopia collection and my first Zoya purchase. I am now lemming for more of their shades esp. from the Blissful collection. Yes, I love nail polishes but use them on my toes since I don't put polish on my finger nails. They're also free from the Big 3 (Formaldehyde, Toluene & Dibutyl Phthalate).

Friday, May 16, 2008

Silk Naturals Again

Yeah, I got lured by the lovely Vox ladies again. I got only a few things from SN:

1 x Seedy- Raspberry Mauve- BB Blue Raspberry Clone
1 x Capricious- Shimmery Coral Lip Demi-Gloss- MAC Utterly Frivilous
1 x Sample Tahiti Sweetie Bronzer
1 x Sample Love Lure

Plus this from Sweetscents:

Green Tea Overnight Rejuvenation in 1 oz. bag for $15

Today is the last day of Sweetscents' Spring Sale and I couldn't resist because of the good reviews of this product (and Hide-A-Pore).

Until the next haul which is Mode Cosmetics (from Moosie's post before). Well, actually my friend already asked for my list of stuff to order and I hope she'll be able to get this. My shade is #216 Medium Tan from Mode's email to me and from my gauge on what my possible shade is. Crossing my fingers.

Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mail Day

New packages today!

Aromaleigh CP from Lili in the US:

freebies she gave me (below):

From Lauress:

freebie from Lauress (below):

From Silk Naturals:

This is the price from SN where in I was one of the winners of their contest.

I haven't even finished testing out the mmu from my previous hauls and now I have more to try out. Happy Mother's Day to me !!!

Monday, May 5, 2008

Trying out Lauress (and my new toy)

This weekend had me trying out my Lauress samples from tempete just to get my match. I have the original formula in Pure Gold and the Minimalist in Pure Yellow.
Here's a half and half face I did on Saturday:

Pure Yellow on your right and Pure Gold on your left.

Pure Gold is a good match but IRL looks a bit dull while Pure Yellow does make me look brighter but looks too yellow IRL.

Sunday FOTD:

I mixed both Pure Yellow and Pure Gold because I had a feeling it would balance out each other's color. It was perfect! It does look photogenic as what my friend S. said. It lasted the whole day on me in this very hot and humid day with just 1 layer on my face (I usually put on 2 layers for all my other foundations). I can not say if it's the foundation formula's effect because it was a mix of Original and Minimalist and I used Joppa as my finishing powder which keeps oilies at bay.

(no flash)

(with flash)

What I used:
Camellia Rose V2.0 primer
Lauress mix of Original Pure Gold + Minimalist Pure Yellow
Joppa finishing silk in Medium
AL Coquille Nectarine on undereye and on cheeks
EDM Apple blush
Lips: NYX lipgloss in Natural
No eyeshadow

Now, I can't wait for my very own Lauress samples which I ordered last week. It is a possibility that if ever I order a fullsize, I may need to order both shades in the Minimalist formula and then just mix them both (making 2 big jars of FS foundation LOL!) So far Lauress is like Lumiere Cashmere to me. They feel so similar and look so similar on me. I am now torn between the 2 since I've been planning to get a FS Lumiere Cashmere in Medium Warm but haven't gotten around to doing so. We'll see.


My new toy:

Sony PSP Slim with Core Bundle kit in Felicia Blue! My daughter chose the color but I really wanted the Lavender Purple color. It came with lots of free games (including the Simpsons game from the Simpsons PSP LE pack) in the 4 gig MC.
None of us in the family play computer games or such so this is a first.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Mail Day Part 2

More mail came in yesterday!
2 Joppa packages and my EDM stuff from tempete.

Actually, this is just part of the loot because the others not in photo are Nica's orders. More photos:

Top photo: Fullsize refil baggies of Medium #3 foundation, finishing silks in Medium and Rosey

Samples of Fern, Berry, Cherish and Makayla

Full size of Just Blush

freebies: Spice Berry and Tranquility

From tempete:

Fullsizes of EDM blushes in Apple and Best Friends

freebies thrown in: SN Lovelace sample, 2 TSS e/s samples, samples of Lauress foundations in Original Pure Gold and Minimalist Pure Yellow.
Thanks so much tempete!!!


A before photo of me I took the other day - no makeup, just sunblock and lipbalm. (Don't be scared!!!)

I don't remember if this was taken with flash or not.