Thursday, February 24, 2011

Family Woes

Totally not beauty or fashion related post. Just need to get this off my chest.

This isn't about my immediate family but more on my extended family.  I love my family.  We're a big one on my mother's side and are scattered all over the globe.  Recently my Australian relatives came to visit and I met them for the first time and we (my Mom) more or less became their host here. Doesn't it feel so good to take the time and visit and attend a special occasion with cousins, aunts/uncles?  

I feel bad that my uncle's family wouldn't be attending my cousin's wedding this weekend.  There were only a few close relatives invited and so are expected to attend.  It would be out of town but we are all excited to go and bond with one another.  But not them.  Reason is that it's too far, they're busy, etc.  My mom even offered them a ride on the way there.  That uncle is my mom's brother.

What ticks me off, and I'm guessing I'm the only one bothered by it, is that the invites were given months ago so everyone would be prepared.  And my " sama ng loob" didn't start here.  They have an only daughter a few years my junior and it's too bad that they live far away but within the same city as ours so they couldn't be easily accessible as my other cousins/ relatives.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shoe Shopping

I had a difficult time looking for a pair of shoes yesterday.  I was only able to go to Shangrila Mall yesterday because hubby had an interview there so DD and I tagged along.  I tried looking for a pair of either purple, yellow even red shoes but they were either sky high stilettos, too expensive (meaning not on sale- I'm a cheapskate, ha ha) or were too ugly looking. 
I settled for this pair seen in the photo below:

I got it on sale at Payless for only P699!  It's a bronze, bejeweled, 3-inch mid-wedge heel sandal from Fioni.  Good thing it feels very comfortable on the feet.  At least I can still use this with other kinds of clothes. And I do prefer wedges because I am not used to wearing heels.

I still wanted those purple ones I saw, like this:

It does seem a bit too high for me and looks uncomfortable.  Maybe when they put it on sale.

Monday, February 7, 2011

How to?

Got this gray silk dress (Petal Trim Dress) from Warehouse at 50% off last weekend!  I know it was meant for me because it was the last piece in my size and I never go in any Warehouse store ever.  I even thought it won't fit me because it looked small. But it did, so hurray!  This is a 2 piece dress, by the way, since it comes with a detachable full-length gray slip underneath as the dress is a bit sheer.

I am going to wear it to my cousin's wedding this February.  My DD will be a flower angel (no flower girls) for this event which is her 4th time in a row.  She was asked to be a flower girl for the 5th time this coming September for another cousin's wedding.  She'll be a seasoned "red carpet walker" by then, ha ha.  She even surpassed my 3-time flower girl stint when I was her age.    

Now back to the dress.  This picture shows the model with black tights on underneath the dress.  I kinda like the way it looks but the wedding is in the afternoon and black tights don't seem appropriate.  What color shoes should I buy? Since the color is gray, it needs a pop of color to dress it up.  No gold shoes please. Maybe bronze? Or red? Or even purple? I really have no idea.  I couldn't find a nice pair yesterday and the ones I found didn't have my size.  Any suggestions?  Accessories too, please.