Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Waiting for packages...

...has me a bit stressed although I know I shouldn't be since I can't do anything about it. It's a holiday here until the 2nd of Jan. so I won't get any until next week.

I'm waiting for:

Dayna's (2 glows and 2 blushes)
Silk Naturals (1 gloss, 1 FO brush)
CYS (I posted it previously)
a gift package from Eyeko
my prize of 3 Rimmel mascaras from Toma for winning her contest (Makeup Masala).

That's a lot huh?

I was also able to order from Lumiere (together with Joyce) the other day when they extended their sale since the code wouldn't work on the supposedly last day of sale. We got 35% off our combined order, woo-hoo!

I got the following:

** All photos grabbed from the Lumiere website.

- 3 pcs. Small Cheek Color in Be True, Island Sands and Natural Radiance
Be trueIsland sandsNat'l rad.

- 6 Custom Trial Vials in Cherry Blossom, Ditto 'O', Gleeful, Foliage, Honey Brown and Peppermint Patti.

Cherry blossomDitto 'o'GleefulFoliageHoney brownPeppermint patti

and a Medium Swirly Bowl with lid.


Happy, happy as I've been lemming for the other radiances from Lumiere for a long time now. I just added in the 6 trial sizes since I've been curious about the e/s colors and I wanted to get smaller sizes of the 3 other cheek colors.

Basing on my previous post for my wishlist for Christmas...yes, I got most of them except for 1 (the laptop- but this isn't really important as I have a PC in good running condition).

Did you get your Christmas wishes?

Some FOTD's

It's been so long since I posted FOTD's so here are some.

Dec. 26, Friday

Had lunch at Abe, Serendra since my cousin was leaving for the US that night where she lives.

AVON Magix Face Perfector SPF 20 as mattifying primer
EG Minerals Cover Me foundation in Helena
Dreamworld Creme Topping in Cocoa
Aromaleigh Ultra Resolution FP in Translucent
Eyeko Cream on undereyes and above cheekbones

Bourjois Paris blush in Tomette

Bourjois 3D lipgloss in Violet Psychedelic

Eyeko Original Cream all over lid

Dec. 28, Sunday

We went all the way to Rizal for a baptism then visited our ninong/ninang and on the way home, picked up BIL who was fixing up his house so he could move in at the start of the year. All this in Rizal...so tiring.

H2O+ Aqualibrium Mattifying Moisture Plus as primer
EG Minerals Cover Me foundation in Yuan Yuan
Dreamworld Creme Topping in Cafe Au Lait
Aromaleigh URFP in Peaches & Cream

EDM Wafflecone
Lumiere Silk Radiance in Sundew

Eyeko Fat Balm in Strawberry


Artdeco eye primer
Neutrogena Mineral Sheers in Shell (with the lighter shade on lid and darker shade on crease, outer V and lower lid)
Eyeko Cream on browbone as highlight

Monday, December 29, 2008

Learning Golf

What have I been up to lately? I started learning how to play golf!

(excuse my form/posture as it's my first time to hold a golf club)

Hubby's the one teaching me although I've only had one lesson so far. We went to the driving range last Saturday since his uncle was there at that time.

My hands hurt after the lesson. I need to buy gloves so I wont get calluses. I can't say if I like it or not though since I'm just learning. But it is hard!

This is one sport hubby and I can do together for bonding purposes (I stopped playing badminton when I was pregnant and haven't played since then).

Brook & Ivy Body Buff

I was browsing the shelves in a mall a few weeks ago and came across Brook & Ivy. They had different bath and body products like bath gels, shampoo, scrubs, lotions and body splashes. I was looking at the scrubs in particular because they had the Cosmo Beauty Award sticker on them. I took a sniff of the Vanilla Vine scrub and fell in love instantly with the scent. Unfortunately I didn't get it because it was the last piece there. Hmmm...I actually don't know why I didn't get it, too lazy to go pay for it I guess LOL!

Fast forward a few weeks later when I went to the Greenmeadows Bazaar, I saw a stall there of this particular brand. They had testers of all the 5 scents they had but Vanilla Vine still tops my list. I got myself a jar of scrub and some body splashes to give as gifts. They all smelled sooo good! Next on my list would be the Ginger Patch and Tea Infusion scents of scrubs and body washes.

The Vanilla Vine Body Buff has medium sized scrubby grains. It contains Dead Sea Salts and other minerals beneficial to the skin. The grains aren't abrasive nor too gentle -- just right for me. The label says to use it on dry skin for a better exfoliating experience although I haven't tried it that way. The vanilla scent is not overpowering and it lingers on your skin long after your bath.

If I didn't have other open jars of scrubs I'd really get more of this although nobody's stopping me. Each 150 ml. tub of this scrub is inexpensive at around P250 ($5). What's more, it's locally available so easily accessible (I've seen this in Crossing's Shangrila Mall).

Yeah, I'll definitely get more!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

To my friends....

Wishing Everyone

A Meaningful Christmas

and a

Prosperous New Year!

Got my EG BOGO...

....this week.

I was really lucky I nailed my perfect match without trying out samples first since my sample order didn't make it on time.

Wrapped in a pretty bag.

I got full sizes of Helena and Yuan Yuan both in the cover me formula which gives a full coverage with a matte (with slight glow) finish. I love this finish because it is flawless and for me, only 1 layer using little minerals is enough. I usually use 2 layers for all my other mmu foundations except this one. No concealer is needed too (although I rarely use it).

Helena falls in the Olive category while Yuan Yuan is in the Yellow shades although both of them look similar. I can even just mix them both.

I'll post an FOTD soon using either of these.

This is a freebie eyeshadow in Too Shy.

Monday, December 22, 2008

I made a vanity...

I didn't have a place before to put my mmu and other m/u that my DD won't be able to reach. I used to put them all in my closet but I found it hard to reach or get the things I needed.

So I made my own vanity table using my old study desk which I've been using to store some of my nicknacks (the huge bottom half which are cabinets still remain my DD's closet). With the help of my dad, we removed the tiny cubbyholes and shelf so I could put in my drawers of mmu.

Here's the result:

The blue box on upper right houses all my blushes. I don't have any more space in the drawers.

Blue drawers at the Left contains palettes, primers, non-mmu stuff.

Black box w/ clear drawers contains from L to R:

Top row- concealers, glows, glows
Middle Row - foundation, finishing powders, mineral lippies
Bottom Row - foundation, FP, non-mineral lippies

top of desk

when open

when closed

I put a light on top which I attached to an upper shelf. At least my DD won't be able to get her hands on my stuff and all makeup would not get dusty too from the cover (and hubby won't see how much I have). All stuff in there are only those that I use. Back-up and other full sizes not in use I store elsewhere. All skin care stuff is also kept on another shelf.

The flower thingy you see on the right side is an MP3 speaker (attached to the player). It lights up, talks and the leaves dance when music is played. The lcd has a digital clock and it even has a snooze function. If you left it on but player is off it turns off after 5 minutes by lighting up and saying "Goodbye, zzz...zzzz...zzzz...". Yeah, it snores but it's so cute.

Best Ube Cake Ever!

I read about A La Creme on the blog Dessert Comes First awhile back and hurriedly texted my good friend who lives in Angeles. She said this is very near their school, Angeles University and promised to bring me some the next time we met.
An hour ago my friend dropped by our house and gave me a box of A La Creme Ube Cake. I was so excited to open it that right after they left I cut myself a slice.

Heaven!!! I have a sweet tooth but I don't like sweet cakes/pastries, if you know what I mean. This cake is dense that a small slice is very filling. It has macapuno and walnuts in the cake and white chocolate discs on top as decor (which my DD ate right away). Both the cake and icing weren't sweet that you could taste the macapuno in it. I loved the crunch from each bite because of the walnuts. YUM!

I savored every bite I took although I still have the rest of the cake in the fridge to finish - Not! I have to SHARE.

Next time I'm gonna ask my friend to bring me the Chocolate Sin cake which is another best-seller.

A La Creme is located at the following:
*Stall #1 Alcon Bldg., MacArthur Highway, Angeles City
(045) 888.2303

*CTH Bldg., Dolores, MacArthur Highway, San Fernando City
(045) 861.0829 / 961.7624

*3933 MacArthur Highway, Balibago, Angeles City
(045) 892.1205

Or check their website www.alacreme.com.ph

Saturday, December 20, 2008

CleanseYourSoul (B&B)

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

EG Minerals Liquid foundation Review

Along with my sample haul from EG Minerals was a 5 gr jar of liquid foundation which I wanted to try. I ordered the shade Bamboo and good thing it was a match.

The liquid is odorless and not too runny nor too thick. I haven't used liquid foundation in so long so I had difficulty applying it. I used a damp red sponge same as Dayna's. I used the foundation sticking on the jar's cap and around the neck of the jar (which was a bit much I think).

I had trouble blending, again bec. I am not used to liquids. It took a bit of time when I was satisfied that it looked even. It doesn't dry fast on the face so there is plenty of time to blend, blend, blend. But once it dried it didn't feel heavy at all. It actually felt like I was wearing loose powder foundation although the formula is not liquid to powder.
Coverage is medium and it doesn't look flat matte.

Here's the FOTD:

I am wearing:

EG Minerals liquid foundation in Bamboo
Eyeko Tinted Cream on whole eyelid and on cheekbones
EG Minerals Bermuda bronzer on cheeks (I think I put too much)
MAC Tinted lip conditioner in Petting Pink

The foundation lasted the whole day on me with the usual oily T-zone but that's bec. I didn't put any oil control or finishing powder for testing purposes. I didn't itch nor notice any breakouts.

When I did a little bit of exercise and perspired late in the afternoon, the foundation came off on my hand. Hmm...I don't know if it would be the same if I put a finishing powder earlier. This isn't waterproof so I can't use this when I know it would be a hot and humid day.

I would need to test some more since this is only an initial review.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

EG Minerals Samples / Swatches

Eyeko Tinted Cream

Monday, December 15, 2008

MCS Cream Soap Review

I've used my Madcitysue Shower Parfait Cream Soap in Pumpkin Brulee/Iced Gingerbread.


As I've posted before, the combination smells good.  Not sickeningly sweet and not too foodie.  It's just enough to lift up your mood and scent the whole bathroom but it's not over powering.

The cream soap itself is mousse-like in texture.  I used only a palm-sized amount when I showered and it was enough for the whole body.  It lathered really well, double the lather because I use a shower puff.  It is moisturizing on the skin even after rinsing it off that I didn't put on any other lotion.  There is a faint scent that lingers which is just perfect if you still want to use another lotion or cologne/perfume.  Otherwise, if you prefer the same scent, it would be better to layer it with the same scented lotion to make the scent stronger or longer lasting. 

I think the next time I make an order, I would get smaller tubs in 4oz instead of the 8oz tubs so I could get to try more scents.  The 8oz. tubs would be hard to finish (which is a good thing cost wise) bec. the lather is enough for a small amount used.

All in all, I really like the cream soap's formula.  Actually, I liked it better than the Sugar Scrub but I need to try out the bigger tub I have and make another post on it.

Happy, happy :-)

Well, what do you know...I'm getting my Christmas wishes after all !

Ho, ho, ho!

Hubby got me a pair of shoes as an early present.  I chose the style.  I was looking for wedge sandals but couldn't find a good pair so I just got flats.  They're very soft and comfortable and not expensive.  I didn't want to get those that were too gladiator-type looking bec. if they go out of style, I won't get much use from them.

I'm still on the lookout for wedges though.

**OPI Brand New Skates polish on my toes.

We also bought tons of toys as gifts for nephews, nieces and god children.  I just finished wrapping them last night.

Ever heard of Royce chocolates? I know they're from Japan and they're usually brought as presents when tourists come from there or Singapore and are really good although I've never tried them out before...until last night.

The first free-standing store of Royce opened in Manila and we bought some.   There were so many people buying even if they were expensive.  I got a box of Potatochip Chocolates and my gosh! They were soooo gooood!!!!!

I savored each bite.  Each chip was covered in smooth chocolate.  The chocolate itself isn't very sweet and you could taste the slight saltiness of the potatochip.  Heaven!

I also got my mom a package of Almond chocolates in Dark as a present for Christmas.  Since I have no idea what to get her (bec. she already has everything) what better than give her favorite indulgence?

I also got myself a very tiny Silk Naturals haul: a tube of Cherry Crush lipgloss and the small fiber optic brush plus the freebie jar of glow my total comes with.  I'm getting the others on my list too.

Hubby has also chosen his own present-- a new set of shocks for his bike and a speedometer.  

Merry Christmas!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

My MadCitySue is here!

I lost my dsl connection a couple of days ago but now it's back!!!

Wee! My hubby offered to get my package at the PO yesterday and it's my MadCitySue order!  It was packaged in a box and dated Dec. 4.  Only around 2 weeks ship time from the US considering it's in a box and it's the Christmas rush.  Not bad.


I got both in 8oz. Cream Soap in Pumpkin Brulee / Iced Gingerbread and Whipped Sugar Scrub in Reindeer Cakes / Marshmallow Cocoa.  There was a freebie Candied Apple Sugar Scrub.

Shower Parfait Cream Soap 

Whipped Sugar Body Scrub

I had the colors also custom made in white/pink and yellow/violet.  The Reindeer Cakes combo smells so heavenly and I like it the most although the other ones also smell really good.  I like foody scents so these all work for me.

I used the Freebie Candied Apple Scrub right away yesterday.  I actually finished the whole tub since it's around 1oz (my estimate).  It was very moisturizing and no lotion is needed after.  I think I over used it coz my shower floor was a bit slippery LOL!

I want to order more scents now.  Thanks to Inan for the great find.  


Been busy the past few days and unfortunately I keep forgetting to bring out my camera!


Lunch here at home.  My cousin from the US is here and we hosted a lunch.  My mom's brother and his family also came over.  Lots of food, *burp* and at the same time it was the Pacquiao - DeLaHoya boxing match so we were all watching it thru live stream on the internet.  Yahoo! Pacquiao won!!!  

Went to the mall after lunch coz I needed to buy additional gifts/prizes my DD needed for their school party.  


Met up with my cousin at the mall and my mom and hubby followed after work.  My cousin bought my DD's last item on her Xmas wish list without her knowing about it.  We now have all her wishes and more!


We attended the Dept. of Surgery's Christmas party.  Since hubby is the newest fellow in the hospital's department, they "told" him to bring a roast pig/lechon.  So we brought a big one!!! 

We had a great time, esp. my DD who was dancing and going around the venue like she was the host LOL! She also didn't want to leave until after we've won something from the raffle.  Well, we won a minor prize so we were able to go home.  (I heard everyone was still there until late in the evening).

Too bad I really wasn't able to get ANY pictures on any of the days' events.  Oh well...next time I promise to put my camera in my bag.  Like today, we're going out again after my trip to my dermatologist (my 5th -or is it 6th?- IPL session).