Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Aqua Glycolic Toner

I've been using the Aqua Glycolic Toner for over a month now.   I was curious about this when I read it on a friend's blog and since I like anything glycolic I ordered it at through a friend as it's not available locally.  It's around $11 for a 6oz. bottle.  

What it does:

"An advanced oily skin therapy.  Aqua Glycolic® Toner thoroughly cleans oily or problem-prone skin, leaving skin free of excess oil, dirt and makeup.  With continued use, your skin will have a smoother texture and healthier complexion."


"Water Purified, SD Alcohol 40B, Glycolic Acid, Ammonium Glycolate, Eucalyptus Oil, FD&C Green 3"

The bottle has a different kind of pump wherein you push it downward with your cotton pad on top so it dispenses just enough liquid.  I wish other liquid products had this kind of pump to avoid wastage. Oh, and it locks too when you twist it.

I use it at night only because of it's Glycolic Acid content which increases the skin's sensitivity to the sun.  I started with a once a week application to get my skin used to it as it is pretty strong.  I upped usage to 2-3x a week and now I use it nightly.  [I use a different toner in the morning, Mario Badescu Special Cucumber Lotion].

Other people felt it was too strong for them because they felt a burning sensation or it dried out their skin.  For me I did not experience any of these.  I guess I am used to glycolic acid from peels at my dermatologist's clinic and glycolic cleansers and other face creams I use (or maybe I'm just thick-skinned, LOL!).  Since there is alcohol in the formula, there is a little alcohol-y scent to it which I don't really mind.

After cleansing and applying this toner my skin is left feeling more clean and soft.  My skin doesn't feel tight or itchy.  Since I use this in conjunction with other skincare products I can say that it has added to the benefit of less breakouts and a more even-toned skin.  Regarding my oily skin, my T-zone is less oily.

I will definitely continue using it as glycolic acid helps exfoliate skin, decrease acne marks and keeps skin looking youthful.  The bottle would probably last a long time since it is huge but I will repurchase when I run out of it.  

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