Thursday, May 21, 2009

Saizen-Daiso Store

A new store opened recently at Robinson's Galleria, 3rd level.  It's the Saizen-Daiso Store (which is the original Daiso from Japan) where all things sold are Php85.  I read about this store in a few blogs and was really excited to go there since it's a huge shop covering a good amount of space.  

We were able to drop by last Sunday after watching Angels & Demons (which I liked by the way, better than The Da Vinci Code).  OMG!  I was in Japanese cutesy-stuff heaven!

It really is huge and I could probably stay a good half day there perusing everything.  Since I only had little time, I quickly went through the aisles looking for what I "needed".  I am sure for everyone else you could easily fill up your basket with stuff you think you need.

They were very organized with every corner labeled with the specific area like Kitchenware, Gardening, Fishing, Biking, etc.  Even hubby had a fun time looking thru all the biking stuff. There was a corner dedicated to scrapbooking, sewing, bath products, cosmetics, body tattoo(!) and a lot more.  Don't let me get started on the school/office supplies as there are hundreds to choose from.  To compare with the other store which I frequent (Japan Home), the items they sell here are different.  (On our way out I saw Japan Home a few stores down!).

Sorry for the crappy store photos as they were taken by my VGA phone cam.

Okay, and here's what I ended up with (other stuff not included because they're my mom and dad's stuff like a level, a saw (yup, a saw for cutting wood) and kitchen stuff.

The whole caboodle:
Hmm, let's see what we have here- kid's jumbo chalk, gel stickers for glass, body tattoo, blue pocket hanging organizer, cell phone screen protector with bling, sharpener, scent diffuser, cooking brush, 2 sets of muffin cups, stretchable strap for my USB, and a bike tire repair kit for hubby.

DD's body tattoo:

Muffin cup papers-30pcs. per set and there are lots of designs and shapes to choose from.

Kid's jumbo chalk so she can write on the floor outside the house.  They're really thick!

At last I have a sharpener for my pencil cosmetics.  This has 2 hole sizes with a cover and a pick to remove stuck things on the blade.

The pick is in between the 2 blades.

The fragrance oil diffuser.  I chose the Peach scent as I don't like floral scents.  They give me a headache.  Just drop the scented oil included in the center well of the egg and that's it.

Cell phone screen protector with bling.  It's now on my phone.  Looks wonderful :-)

So there you have it.  I can't wait to go back there.  I think they accept credit cards too.

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