Wednesday, May 20, 2009

My Minerals Bath & Body Haul

A few weeks ago I ordered some skincare stuff from my friend Lisa's website, My Minerals Bath & Body.  She's having a really good sale and since I've been meaning to try out her new skincare products, I took advantage of it.  (I think the sale is still ongoing?).  For a certain amount you get a freebie and if you order $35 and up you get everything!  So yeah, I got everything LOL!  I got my package a week ago but only posted it now (sent Priority Mail Int'l).

What did I order? 

- 8 0z. bottle of Herbal Hair Zen
- 4 oz. Purifying Moisture Cleanser
- 1/2 oz. Purifying Moisture Serum
- 1/2 oz. jar Pumpkin Mask

What did I get as gift (all my choices)?
- 1 oz. Red Clay Masque
- 2 oz. Herbal Hair Zen
- 1 gr. jar of Wine Berry mineral pigment 
- 3 gr. jar of Amethyst mineral pigment
- a tube of Frosted Rose Petal lip gloss
plus 2 more freebie pigments (in the purple drawstring bag) of Khaki and Wild Mushroom!

Woo-hoo!  Thanks a lot, Lisa!

Lovely haul indeed! Hubby has used the Herbal Hair Zen yesterday.  Will post reviews for these soon once I've used them (still finishing up other products) although I have used some of MMBB's skin care products in the past which were sent as testers and they were really good. These new ones I have yet to try but went full size right away since Voxer friends who have sort of similar skin conditions as mine all gave thumbs up for the products.

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