Thursday, May 7, 2009

Dreamworld Minerals Haul

There's a storm right now here in the country and it's coooold!  At least I got my Dreamworld package and another one which was not the one I was expecting (will do a post on that when I'm ready). 

From Dreamworld Minerals I got the Foundation Base which comes with it's own tiny scoop. This is for the Amenti family of shades to which I belong.  I match Amenti but Ellie of DW reformulated it making the shade a notch lighter for me now.  Since I have a full size of the new Amenti, I got the base to make it a bit darker.

The other one I got is the Peach Creme Topping in Clay/Silica.  I think I've mentioned before that Dreamworld's Creme Topping is my HG in finishing powder because of it's good oil control on my oil mine of a face.  I only got the To Go size which I will put in a different container because it is packed full with no sifter.

I got these 3 free samples of pigments, too.

I'm so glad that Dreamworld is now back in business after closing temporarily (which almost became permanent) due to some problems.  They are currently having a 20% off sale for all orders with free gift because of the re-opening and slower processing of orders due to changes in the site.  Use the code slow20 for the discount.  

One of these months (when the wallet permits) I will make a huge order to stock up on my favorite items that would last me a long time.

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