Friday, May 8, 2009

Nature's Gate

I was browsing the shelves of Healthy Options in Serendra last Sunday when I came across the Nature's Gate line of products.  Since Healthy Options is a specialty store for organic and more natural products I was curious about this brand.  There were Nature's Gate shampoos, conditioners, body washes and lotions among other things on the shelves.  What made me excited about them were the prices.  The 18oz. bottles of shampoos and conditioners were less than P200 (around Php185?)!  Isn't that good value for your money?

No, I didn't buy a bottle yet because I had other full bottles of shampoo I haven't used and that I stocked previously.  Gotta finish up my shampoos faster!

There were a lot of variants for specific types of hair and I had in mind a few of them as a future purchase:

**All photos from the Nature's Gate website.  

The shampoos contains SLS but I am not allergic nor very particular about that.  The conditioners are more natural and contain less ingredients than the shampoo but both do not contain parabens.

The body washes and lotions cost a bit more (less than Php300) but again, for a big bottle, they were relatively inexpensive than other natural products and have the same active ingredient that I look for in other brands I buy.  Now I am thinking of giving them as presents for Christmas (starting to make my list early).  Mom-in-law would definitely love the body wash.

Have you tried Nature's Gate? 

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