Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Eyeko Touch Up & Go Concealer

I was given the opportunity to try out Eyeko's Touch Up & Go Concealer recently. 

I like that it comes in a pen-type packaging although it took me ages the first time to get the concealer out. Clickety-click!

Once I got a good flow from the brush tip it was very easy to apply.  Just dab it on the area you want to conceal and blend with your finger or a concealer brush.  You could even use the tip itself if you don't have too much product on it although it is still best to blend it out with your finger.  It is easy to spread but I think it would fare better if it were a bit more creamier so it would last longer.  It didn't last long on my oily skin when I tried it. 

The concealer unfortunately comes in only 1 shade.  Really, I think concealers should come in more shades rather than just 1 because we all have diferent skin tones.  This one is too light for my medium-dark skin (I'm a shade or 2 darker now that I have a light tan) and it really can't cover any of the brown spots/hyperpigmentation on my face.  It would work better on those lighter than me (fair to light medium skin tones).

Maybe I could make it work as an eyelid base on top of UDPP for my eyelid because of it's beige shade.  Much as I want to like it as a concealer, it doesn't work out well for me.

The concealer costs GBP5 on the Eyeko website.  If you want to order any of their products, type in the code E120 at the comments box upon checkout so you can get a free full-sized gift with a minimum purchase of GBP10.  Remember, they ship FREE worldwide!

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