Monday, March 2, 2009

Plueys and Leg Huggers

Last year I joined a local contest for Plueys, the rubber boots that are so cute.  I was one of the winners for a 10% discount coupon.  I kept putting off buying the boots for my DD because it wasn't raining and I thought they were a bit expensive for a kid who'll quickly outgrow it.

Everytime I kept putting off buying it, it would rain.  Ha!  My discount GC went unused when the end of the promo came.   Last week we were strolling around the shops at Serendra when my DD saw Plueys from a shop there and charmed her dad into buying her one.  I so wanted to kick myself because the price was a bit higher than getting it from the distributor's website.  I just made sure we got a big size (like 2-3x bigger) but not too big that she couldn't walk comfortably in it.  She got the Berry Stripey color.  Hopefully she'll get at least 2 years use from it.  And now it's almost summer!

Ever heard of BabyLegs?  They're leg warmers for babies up to bigger kids and can also be used for the arms.  I got a cheaper alternative from Tiny Tots.  The color selection is fewer but is 2-3x cheaper than the original one.  I got these a few weeks ago.

They're cute.  DD has used them in the movies to keep her warm, at the mall, to keep mosquitoes from biting her legs, etc.  They're pretty handy so I just keep a pair in my bag for her.  Adults can use them for the arms too when it gets chilly.

Good thing there are less expensive alternatives since they get the job done of keeping the legs and arms warm.

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