Sunday, March 29, 2009

Mail Day Haul

The packages that brightened up my day last week:

The items came prettily wrapped in the trademark AwG heart swirled wrapping paper.  

I got full sizes of Hope 3.8 foundation and the Supreme Smoothing Powder in Golden Tint, some blush samples and their limited edition Grab bag.  

The Grab bag contained 26 samples of blushes and eye shadows in a rainbow of colors.  

These were either discontinued or "oops" shades and are not for sale in the website.  Franchesca kindly included samples of some of the glows which were on my lemming list.

I took advantage of Joppa's free international shipping and got a full size refill bag of the Full Coverage foundation in Medium 2.5.  Also in my pkg were Tish's orders (no photo).

And the last package is from Frond who sent me a ton of foundation samples:  

I haven't gone through all the items yet but picked out the ones from Buff'd first because those were the ones I really wanted and needed.

Will post reviews soon for some of the other products.  Also, I've lined up in draft form lots of future entries (in photos) but haven't gotten around to writing the full articles yet since I'm still testing them or about to test them.  Stay tuned for that.

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