Saturday, March 28, 2009

Netbook Bag

I got my HP Mini-notebook a laptop bag/sleeve yesterday.   I've had a sleeve before but it's for a normal sized laptop and I only got it because I needed one right away when my netbook was new.  

I've seen the mini laptop bags at Powerbooks in Shangrila a month ago but the design I wanted was out of stock and the remaining one was dirty.  I didn't want a dirty bag so I decided to wait for new stocks.  

While waiting for the movie (Monsters vs. Aliens) to start yesterday, we killed time at Powerbooks and I saw new stocks of the Lift bags.  Hooray!!!  The design I saw before wasn't available but I saw another one and it was the last piece.  Priced at a little more than P600 (I forgot the exact price, yeah, I'm forgetful when it comes to prices), I got it.

*Edit--I found the tag and it's priced at only Php649.

Love it!  Sorry for the crappy photo taken from my phone.  This is the Bea model of Lift bags that fits 8.9" laptops and is proudly Philippine made.  My HP Mini fits snugly in it although I can't put in anything else in its numerous inside pockets because of the snugness (uh, is this a word?).  I can still use the free pouch from my other laptop sleeve for the cables and such but I think CDs or USBs and a cellphone can fit in the outer pocket of this bag.  It has a top handle and a removable longer handle for use as a shoulder bag andthe whole thing is well-padded.  

Really cool.

Oh, and this bag can fit into my bigger tote bags LOL!

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