Friday, February 27, 2009

Joppa & AwG swatches

I got my recent sample orders from Joppa and Adorned with Grace minerals.  I have a full size of Joppa full coverage foundation in Medium #3 but noticed that it would turn slightly pink whenever I wore it.  Good thing Joppa came up with a new shade in #2.5 which has a more yellow undertone.  

I've tried it and it does look better with no pink tones in it.  

Here's a swatch comparing the 2:

no flash, in natural light

with flash, in natural light

Medium #3 does look a bit more beige while #2.5 has more yellow.  Now I can get my full size before their free shipping ends next week (March 5).


I have heard so many positive reviews on this relatively new mmu company that I gave in and got some samples to try.  I haven't tried them on my face yet though as I'm still re-sampling Joppa.  Anyway, here are swatches of the foundations I did on white paper, applied dry:

Not sure which one would match me but they all look similar with very slight degrees of darkness.

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