Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Nail Polishes To Date

I was organizing my nail polishes a few weeks ago to create more space for them.   I gave away those I rarely used or didn't like anymore.  I found a new container for them which I got at the home department of Robinson's Galleria.  It isn't made of plastic which I prefer and has no handle on top (it was on the side) but it would do.  I bought it for another purpose but used it for the np's instead.

Good thing it can house all of them including the treatment bottles.  And it has room for so much more *evil grin*.

After editing the bottles of polish I was left with less than 30 bottles. Looks so few huh? 

Here they are:

Zoya polishes:

China Glaze polishes:

OPI polishes:

Elianto/ The Face Shop polishes:

Essie, Jessica, Skin Food, Sally Hansen, Caress polishes:

Nail treatments, base coat, top coat:

And that's all I have.

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