Thursday, March 26, 2009

It's been a crazy week

Yes...I guess life is stressful...has it's ups and downs and so far for me, it's a roller coaster ride.

Had a good weekend.  Saturday was a trip to the dermatologist for an IPL session and dessert of frozen yogurt with mom and DD.  Sunday, we gave our hedgehog his first bath (that was a blast!)

and went to watch Race to Witch Mountain in the afternoon with a bit of shopping on the side.

Monday morning we went to the hospital.  My DD had recurrent cough and colds so we had a chest X-ray done for her.  It only showed pneumonitis (which is different from pneumonia) but the pedia put her on another round of antibiotics and antihistamine.  Knowing how difficult it is to make her drink those awful tasting meds we found a better tasting one and she tolerates it now (but it still takes her almost 15 mins. to finish a 5 ml. dose). 

We also had DD's ears pierced because she really wanted them ever since she saw her cousins of the same age with their ears pierced.  She also insisted that the earrings should be violet!  The first hole went well but right after she started crying.  We had to hold her down for the 2nd hole.  At least that's over and she now has lavender studs on her ears.

While we were waiting our turn for the pedia, my FIL called hubby and told him he felt dizzy since earlier in the morning.  Knowing that he NEVER calls for anything regarding his health, hubby was alarmed and told him to lie down first and that we were going straight to their house after the pedia.

We got there after about 30 mins. and when we got his blood pressure it was more than 200/110.  Hubby went out to buy emergency meds and left me with FIL for a while.  His BP was still the same and when hubby came back we gave him some medication to lower it down.  After about an hour with his blood pressure stable, we ate a late lunch at 2 pm then hubby brought him in to the ER to have an ECG just to be sure.

I won't bore you with medical jargon but they went in for a cardiology check-up because of what was seen in the ECG and then he was admitted for observation.  Initial blood results were normal though. 

All the time they were in the hospital my DD and I were left at their house where I tried to find something to do.  I watched a movie (Changeling), read the papers and tried to watch Playhouse Disney with DD.  I was so bored out of my wits that I can't imagine how a prisoner feels with nothing to do.  I tried to go to sleep and dozed for less than an hour I think.  I couldn't watch TV bec. their downstairs TV set had a problem with the cable.  My BIL arrived and I listened to his sob stories.  Early in the evening when I learned that FIL would be admitted, the telephone brigade began with SIL, 2 BIL and all of us trying to find MIL because she was still not home.  Well, eventually she came home and good thing she didn't freak out because she also has high blood pressure.

When everything had settled down and a BIL was staying in the hospital with FIL, we dropped by that night to bring his  clothes and toiletries.  Tuesday, FIL had other exams done like 2d-echo for his heart and other stuff which were all normal.  The next day, my mom went to have a check-up with a pulmonologist because of her recurring cough too.  She was put on a round of antibiotics plus other medications.  My FIL had repeat blood exams which showed that he did have a heart attack but it was a mild one (a small artery was the one affected).  The blood exams turned positive a few days after injury to the heart because it was of a smaller scale.  He was scheduled for discharge with follow-up exams on OPD basis.  

Through all this, I got sick on Monday evening with terrible colds but I'm better now.  Been drinking lots of ginger tea and lemon grass tea with calamansi (our local version of limes).  My happy moment would come later tonight when hubby comes home bearing packages from the PO.  I'm guessing those would be my Joppa and Adorned with Grace packages plus another one either from Toma (Ecotools) or from Frond's RAOK.  We'll see.

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