Sunday, January 18, 2009

Avon lippies and glimmerstick

I got a few things from Avon last week since they were on sale in the catalog.

The Pro-to-Go lipstick comes in a really cute case that you push up to reveal the lipstick. No caps that could get lost in your bag. I have Soft Peach (photos here) and now Pink Craze.

The lipsticks are not sticky and go on soft on the lips. They're not sheer but not too pigmented either and don't dry out the lips. I'm not a heavy lipstick user so these are just right for me. They last a few hours on me before reapplication is needed. I just think they're a bit small compared to other lipstick sizes but with the price (when on sale) I'm not complaining.

The Avon Glazewear liquid lip color I got in Darling Pink.

I have the Teddy Bear shade which I reviewed here. Teddy Bear is not available locally but the other shades are. I just noticed that Teddy Bear (US) is a bit more sticky than Darling Pink (local). Teddy Bear lasted a bit longer than Darling Pink on me.

It did not dry out my lips either like the Pro-to-go lipstick. It's not overly glossy (since it's not a gloss). It has a slight sweet scent that goes away after applying (or maybe my nose just isn't that sensitive to smells). Darling Pink has a slight shimmer and on my skin tone it looks nice. I've read reviews on MUA that this shade did not look good on lighter skin-toned ladies.

Again, for the price (P99, on promo) I would repurchase other shades.

Next is the Glimmerstick Brow Definer in Soft Black.

It's darker in real life. The flash just made it look like a gray shade. It applied smooth and soft on my hand when I did the swatch. The pencil is retractable so it won't get easily broken.

I don't have much experience with brow pencils and this is my first one ever. I can't review it fully yet as I've tried it only once. I also don't use brow definers regularly since my brows are thick. I only got this for special occasions to fill in sparse areas for more definition.

I wish Avon Philippines would bring in the Magix Face Perfector as I would really want to stock up on that one product. Here's my review for that.

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