Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Review: Purederm BB Cream

The first and last time I tried out a BB Cream was a year ago. I purchased samples of the BRTC BB Cream and tried it on but hated it. It felt so heavy on my skin and made my face more oily. Also it had an ugly white/grayish cast on the face.

A few weeks ago, I was sent a sample of Purederm BB Cream by Bare Naturals. I kept my mind open about it so I could test it out fully.

Quoting from the seller's website:

"PUREDERM Magic Blemish Balm (BB) cream:

Moisturizer, makeup base, primer, sunblock, and beautifying cream
SPF 30, UV protection
Soft and gentle to the skin
Contains naturals extracts and nutritious ingredient
Moisturizes and protects skin
Improves fine lines and wrinkles
Lightens the skin
Water-proof, stays on your skin even when you sweat
Mattifies the skin, controls the oil
Increases skin elasticity and moisturizes the face
No weird smell (it has neutral smell, no strong “cosmetic-ish” nor herbal smell)

Herbal Ingredients:

Portulaca Oleracea Extract
Morus Alba Root Extract
Pueraria lobata root extr
Cinnamommum Cassia Bak Extract
Artemisia Princeps Leaf Extract
Chrysanthemum Indicum Extract
Camellia sinensis leaf extract
Tocopheryl Acetate
Hyaluronic Acid
Vitamin E derivatives"

I've been testing this BB Cream for 7 days now. I put it on in the morning after my AM routine (cleanse-tone-moisturize/sunblock). The texture is smooth and lotion-like. It went on the face evenly and blended easily. It did not fully cover any facial imperfections that I wanted to cover but it acted as a tinted sunblock.

on my finger

at the back of my hand

blended in

I took photos after application and there was a whitish cast in the pictures. Later on though, the BB Cream melded with my skin that it looked natural after a few hours. I did not find it heavy on the face that I wore it DAILY. My sensitive face did not itch nor break out. Yay!

I wore this once as a foundation. I just put finishing powder (a darker shade to counter act the whitish shade of the BB Cream) right after and the usual Hi-Definition powder and blush. It held on the whole day and looked natural after a few hours. I guess the trick is to wait a few hours if you want to use this as a foundation for skin tones like mine (medium warm/golden). Fairer skin tones would look great right away. My face wasn't oily during the day and I knew I was getting additional sun protection.

(used as foundation topped with DW Peanut Butter Creme Topping and Aromaleigh URFP)

-locally available
-no horrible smell
-no breakouts for me
-felt light on the face
-kept my face oil-free
-herbal ingredients good for the skin
-SPF 30!!!
-can be used as make-up base
-not too expensive
-a little goes a long way

-initial whitish cast on the skin
-additional step for those who already wear a moisturizer/SPF (although this could be used alone!) to get a tinted moisturiser effect
-doesn't completely cover any blemishes
-well, nothing else really

I would purchase this as a back-up for my current moisturizer/SPF since it performed the same. It did even out the skin tone because of the light tint. BB Cream users would love this because of all the Pros I mentioned although I don't know about the long-term effects on lines/wrinkles and acne as I also use products targeted toward these things.

Purederm is Made in Korea. Introductory Price is only P799 (around $17) for a 50ml tube and you can get samples or trial sizes also. You can get the Purederm BB Cream at Bare Naturals.


3sha said...

Purederm changed their packaging and Watson's carries it na. It comes in a pink girly color, looks way better than the black one ^_^

notjustminerals said...

Really? Thanks for the info! I'm gonna check it out one of these days as I finished mine na.

3sha said...

Yeah ^_^ meron na may glitters din and one for wrinkles i think, they have an article sa site nila..http://purederm.ph/?p=564

na-addict na ako hahahah :P