Saturday, January 24, 2009

Review: Human Nature organic products

I've been using the products I got from Human Nature (see post here) for almost a week now.  I haven't had much experience with organics to compare them with, except maybe with Lush, and I had/am having a good one so far.

Aloe & Guava Facial Wash:
(for oily and acne prone skin)
- I used this once or twice a day the past 6 days and my skin did not feel tight after washing as some facial soaps do.  This has a refreshing guava scent that isn't off-putting but mild.  It lathers really well that only a pea-sized amount is needed and it rinses off easily with no residue on the skin.   No breakouts nor allergies for my sensitive and acne-prone skin.  It also doesn't sting my eyes.

- My mom has been using the other variant, Calendula & Seaweed Facial Wash (for combination  & sensitive skin) and she said she is also happy with it.  My mom has more sensitive skin than me and rarely uses anything else other than her derma's facial wash.
- Will continue using this alternately with my existing facial washes.

Aloe Vera Nourishing Shampoo in Mandarin:
(Mandarin variant has extra virgin coconut oil for a silky smooth finish)
- I was surprised that this shampoo lathers well.  I've read reviews on how organic shampoos don't lather but this one does.  Scent is mild with NO coconut oil scent at all.  My hair felt soft even during rinsing but I followed it with the conditioner.  My hair feels light with no sticky residue after shampoo.  Shampoo with your eyes closed though, coz it stings the eyes.

Mango Butter Nourishing Conditioner:
(Mandarin variant)
- This has a very thin consistency that you tend to use more than the usual amount.  It does not lather like other regular conditioners just make sure to distribute it evenly through your hair.  I leave it on for a few minutes then rinse and my hair was very soft.   Scent is very mild.

Pearl Powder & Aloe Vera Strengthening Shampoo & Body Wash:
(Cucumber for silky smooth finish)
- Lathers well like the Nourishing shampoo although I felt my hair a bit stiff after rinsing.  Following with the conditioner makes it soft again.  I prefer the Nourishing shampoo than this one although their effect is similar for me.  Mild scent of cucumbers.

Aloe Vera Kids Shampoo Watermelon:
- My DD loves this scent!  It lathers really well that we're able to make lots of bubbles while bathing.  It has a no tears formula which I tested also on my own eyes (yeah, I rubbed it in, no sting if it accidentally goes into your kids eyes.  Don't leave it on too long though coz eventually it will hurt a tiny bit.  I tried this on myself).  Hair is soft and shiny after rinsing. 
- Safe for kids because there are no harmful chemicals in this shampoo.

Lip Balm in Coconut:
- This smells really yummy!  Like a sweetened coconut dessert.  Balm is solid in the jar but applies with a thin consistency.  It moisturizes the lips but reapplication is needed often as it wears off easy.  A thicker consistency would make this better for me.  Also, a tube is a better container than a jar for hygenic reasons.

Solid Perfume in Mandarin Eucalyptus:
- This one I really didn't appreciate much.  It smells like a massage balm to me and it didn't last long after application.

This is my initial review on the few products I've been using from Human Nature.  It is good to know that we are starting to make our own organic products locally.  I will order bigger sizes of the shampoos and facial washes for myself and my family since it is good for the skin and we can help local industries.

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Gel said...

hi! i'm proud to be a member of the human nature family! i love their products, you won't regret if you switch on to organic products.. safe for ur skin and health too!

for orders, pls. text me:

Gezel :)