Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Silk Naturals Mini Haul

I got my Silk Naturals mini haul the other day. I ordered this last December and it probably got stuck in customs :-(

I only got a FS Cherry Crush lipgloss and the mini fiber optic brush.

The FO brush is tiny. I washed it yesterday and tried using it today and I noticed the shedding. Every time I swiped the brush across my cheeks 2 or 3 bristles would come off. I hope this is just an initial phase. I still have to practice using this brush coz I am not used to such a small brush head for applying cheek color.

My order came with 2 freebies: Crinoline Mineral Glow and a Tender lip gloss sample.

I like the color of the Cherry Crush lip gloss so much!

Photos show Cherry Crush swatch on my hand, on my lips without flash (true color) and with flash.

This is my first tube of Silk Naturals liquid lip color. I like the texture of it because it is not sticky and did not dry out my lips like all Silk Naturals lippies. The color looks berry-ish on me and is not too bright red. It lasted longer on my lips than a regular lip gloss.

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