Saturday, August 30, 2008

Gym Chronicles

Okay, so I've been going to the gym for exactly 1 month now. Mostly weight-training with cardio (treadmill or elliptical for warm-up and warm-down) since they say you lose more weight or tone the body with free weights.

So far I think I've lost 2 lbs.? I'm not sure coz I wasn't paying attention to the scale, LOL! But what I'm really sure of is that my jeans fit looser now at the thigh area. Yeah, I have very chunky thighs, hips and legs, unfortunately all hereditary :-(

I'm not so much after the weight loss now that I think of it. Once I turn my fat into muscle I'll probably stay the same weight or a bit heavier since muscle is heavier than fat.

I go to the gym 2-3 x a week but I do Pilates in between gym days at home with my DVD. I think that's what made my thighs more leaner. I also feel so much stronger now. I added a local product called Fit & Right which is a juice drink (in Pineapple, Apple or Four Seasons flavors) that has L-Carnitine (a fat burner) which I drink 3x a day. It makes me full enough after or before a meal that I don't crave for junk food during the day. I love my junk food (potato chips or other carbo-loaded stuff) but I am not craving for it now. I still eat the same meals but in a lesser amount bec. I do feel full.

Well, I hope this goes on. I've been splurging lately on gym stuff. I bought a couple of Dri-fit tops and Nike Dri-fit lightweight training gloves today and a few other stuff. Better put them into good use.

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