Friday, September 5, 2008

Purely Cosmetics

This is another brand I'm trying out right now.  When I read from The Mineral Makeup Blog that the company would come out with smaller sample sizes I decided to try it out.   Originally, their sample sizes are in filled 3 gr jars that cost $5 each or a sample kit of $12 for 3 shades in 5 gr jars.  Pretty expensive IMO compared with other mmu companies.  After the owner read the comments in the blog, she came up with Econo packs of 3 baggies for $5 but shipping to my end of the world was $8 ++.  I mean, really...does it cost this much to ship 3 tiny baggies of samples that could be placed in a small white envelope?

I didn't order right away but a week or so ago the company had a 1 day free shipping sale for the owner's birthday so I placed my order for the 3 samples.

I got my Purely Cosmetics samples yesterday.   The postage cost only $1 ++ as seen on the envelope (where do the $8 ++ go to?) and the baggies were in a medium sized white envelope.  There were only 3 really tiny baggies inside with maybe a little less than 1/4 tsp in it (I measured it when I made my mix).  

Purely Cosmetics                      
I got the shades Olive Beige, Maria and Cornsilk in the Pure Mineral Formula for normal to oily skin.  They have another formula - Skin Smoothing Formula for dry to normal skin.  You also have an option to add silk to any foundation shade you want.

PC Swatches                      

I tried out the shades yesterday.  They are creamy on the skin with heavy coverage but feels light.  It covers imperfections well with no need for a concealer.  This reminds me so much of Monave (my first HG foundation) but this feels lighter.  It doesn't look matte on the skin but it's not glowy either.  Good thing I didn't itch with the formula.  I have this on now and it's been 5 hours.  It still looks good but I do have shine showing on my T-zone.  I didn't use a primer, just my mix of Meow's Oil Control powder and Milan's Oil at Bay (these 2 don't control my oilies well).   I'll try another finishing powder next time coz my face is an oil slick right now.

Here's when I was finding my match.  Unfortunately, the foundation has a white cast in photos.

With Maria on. L with flash, R w/o flash.  This looks too light for me.

Maria, with flashMaria, no flash

With Olive Beige on. L with flash, R w/o flash.  Depth was okay but it needed a bit more yellow.

Olive Beige, with flashOlive Beige, no flash

I just swiped Cornsilk on my cheek coz it looked dark when I did my swatches.  It was dark for me so I didn't try a full face on anymore.  

I made a 50-50 mix of Maria and Cornsilk and this is what matches me best.  L with flash, R w/o flash.

Maria + Cornsilk, with flashMaria + Cornsilk, no flash
You also don't notice much the huge zit on my right cheek (derma time tomorrow) coz it was covered fairly well with the foundation.

Is this FS worthy? 

Not sure.  I need to do more testing coz I don't like the oil slick on my face right now.  I don't know if it's from the finishing powder, the foundation or the weather which is soooo humid right now.  I do like how it looks so photogenic and how well it covers scars and stuff on the face.


I received my Dreamworld order this week too.  My full size of Amenti in Luna formula.  This came with a free Chancy lipgloss tube.

DW Amenti                      

I compared this with my previous Amenti sample and the FS looks a bit lighter ( I forgot to take a pic).  This also looks like my Hebe + Themis mix (or maybe a bit lighter too).  How frustrating!


Here's Chancy:

Chancy gloss                      
In the tube it looks dark brown.  Same with the swatch:

chancychancy swatch

On the lips it is very sheer and really doesn't look that far from my own lips' color.  I am wearing Chancy in the MARIA photos.

with Chancy                      

The gloss is not sticky and I'm not sure if I can detect a slight vanilla-ish scent.  Maybe it's really faint and there is no taste to the gloss too.  It stays on for an hour or so like most glosses do so you have to reapply often.

There goes another testing day for me.  Still waiting for my other packages.  

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