Monday, August 4, 2008

My Copy's Here!! (And my 1st day at the gym).

Woo-hoo!!! When I got back from the gym a large bag of books was waiting for me with my very own copy of Breaking Dawn! I am sooo excited to start reading this and would probably sleep late for a night or 2. Also attached to the bag was this cute note:


A couple of other books I got:


********* ************** *************
Today was my first day ever in a gym. Went there right after I dropped off DD at school this morning. The trainer made a program for me which I followed. It was a complete body workout with warm-up and warm-down at the treadmill and the rest are with the machines. Yeah, I pretty much lasted the 2 hours and got home in 1 piece.

For sure my muscles are going to be sore when I get up tomorrow. I sure hope I lose my excess weight of around 10-12 lbs. so I can fit into the rest of my clothes. I needed bigger sizes for everything since I gained weight this year :-(

I thought I could use my dri-fit shirts I bought previously for the gym but nooooo I can't. All the shirts were sleeveless and since I'll be having the laser procedure on Saturday on my underarms, I can't shave for a week. So back to regular t-shirts for me for now.

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