Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jesse's Girl

...Cosmetics, not the song LOL!

After reading lots of good reviews and seeing YouTube vids on these (esp. Christiana's enabling in her blog) I caved in. Oh, I slept on it for a few days before pressing the "buy" button.

In the US it's available in select Rite Aid stores for $4.99 a piece but it's cheaper online because of their promo of buying the set of 4 for only $17. It's ships free in the US (orders over $20) but international shipping is only $7.95.

Here's the link:

Jesse's Girl Cosmetics

I got the following:

Color My World Collection



These look so much like MAC's Electroflash collection (baked mineralized shadows) and the reviews said they are really good dupes of MAC for a very cheap price and for a bigger size. All 4 of these at $17 is equal to just 1 MAC electroflash shadow. Good buy huh? The Volcanic shade can also be used as a blush and maybe Earthtone can be used to contour. We'll see when I get mine.

Bejewelled Palettes



There are 2 other quads in the Bejewelled set: #1 (grays, blacks) and #3 (greens, blues) but I only got these 2 bec. these are more me and I'd use these more than the other 2.

This is what the cover of the palette quads look like. Pretty isn't it?


I really prefer having palettes now rather than loose pigments because I'm always in a hurry when it comes to dressing up and putting on mmu. The loose pigments in jars or baggies are a real hindrance for me so I rarely put on e/s nowadays.
Since I decided to get these e/s, I passed on getting my lemming of Dreamworld's Atlantis collection samples when I ordered my FS finishing powders today. I also passed on getting the NYX trio e/s since these are cheaper. And I think I'm going to sell at least half of my mmu e/s collection (I have 200+ pigments in baggies that I rarely use). Yeah, I just might do that.

I can't wait for these to ship out. I hope I get them soon.

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