Sunday, August 17, 2008

Got my FitFlops!

I ordered this from a friend of mine in the US but it will arrive in November. While browsing our local forums, I came across a site saying we have the FitFlops available locally at selected stores here (actually only in 2 shops).

Today we went to watch Wall-E and while killing time before the movie started, we were going around the shops and I was so surprised to see FitFlops in a shoe shop not indicated in the distributors website. I hurriedly went in and tried on my size to make sure that what I ordered from my friend was the right size. There were so many colors to choose from, more than what is shown in the VS or BBW websites.

So off we went to see Wall-E (which was good) but my mind was on the shoes part of the time LOL!

Before the movie ended I decided to get a pair so right after we went to the store.


I got my own pair in Navy Patent. I even wore them right away. They really are comfortable. The pair that's coming for me in November I'd give to my mom coz it's a smaller size (she'll have to pay me back though bec. that's my MMU fund). Instead of going a size down I just got my own size coz the smaller size had straps that were a bit tight for my wide feet.
I'm doing the happy dance and I hope I get leaner legs and a smaller bum, ha!


Here's a photo of a pasta dish my 3 y/o DD helped me make the other night:

Spicy Tuna Pasta


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