Friday, August 22, 2008

Looking For My Pure Anada Match

I've been trying out my Pure Anada samples today trying to find my match. Unfortunately I couldn't get a perfect one. Also, I forgot to order Golden Harvest (Vely's shade) coz my online friends at our local forum say this is what must be mixed to Mountain Sunset to get our medium, yellow-toned shade.

Swatches of Pure Anada Foundations (please click again to see labels):

PA foundations

A series of FOTD's with different foundation shades on, all with flash:

Too brown but with the right depth.

Mountain Sunset

Too light.

Soft Wheat

A bit too olive and dark in person.

Niagara Fawn

Right depth but still a bit off-- too olive.


Right depth but lacks yellow. This is the closest I got to a match.


I forgot to take a photo of Pacific Tan on me but I only did a half face and it was too orange!

I like the feel of the foundation on the skin. They aren't cakey and I didn't itch. I applied 2 layers for all the samples with the 1st layer wet and the 2nd layer dry. I had to do the wet application bec. I didn't tone nor moisturise after washing my face for each of the samples I tried and the minerals streaked.

It's medium to heavy coverage and after melding with my skin it looks so much better. No concealer needed (and I am breaking out at the moment - hormonal problem).

The blush I tried in Apricot is very pigmented. I used only a tiny amount which was enough for both cheeks.

My face is oily now after 5 hours from application but that's bec. I didn't put anything on my face, no oil control toner, no primer. Maybe the Oil control MV isn't as effective as other FP's I love. Or maybe not since it really is very hot & humid right now that's it's just impossible to control my oilies. I'll still test this another day so we'll see.

Pure Anada FOTD:

50-50 mix of Soft Wheat and Mountain Sunset, topped w/ Lavender corrector
Translucent Oil-Control MV
Apricot Blush
Carmex lipblam


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