Tuesday, August 12, 2008

My 1st IPL Experience

Last Saturday I went to my derma friend for my 1st scheduled IPL. I got her package for the UA for smooth hair-free underarms forever, LOL!

Well, I thought it was the first session. Turns out it was the test session where she had to find out which frequncy would work for me. An ice pack was placed on the area (works much better than EMLA, a topical anesthetic) then the machine was positioned. Since the machine also had a cooling tip, I didn't feel a thing. She got the frequencies needed for both my underarms and I'll be returning after 2 weeks.

What surprised me was this: my friend did the IPL on my WHOLE FACE for free!!! A cold gel (it was placed in the fridge) was placed on my face first. I had to wear the protective glasses bec. of the intense light the machine emits. Even with the glasses on (I couldn't see a thing coz it was opaque) I had to close my eyes bec. I could still "see" the light. This time I felt the uncomfortable sensation on my face-- like snapping a rubberband on your skin-- but it was tolerable. All in the name of beauty.

Next time she'll use a different machine tip for my face to take care of my acne scars. I am so grateful for this and to my friend coz I know how expensive this procedure is in other legitimate derma clinics and I get it done for free. I only have to pay for my UA package but still at a very discounted price. Oh, but I get all these bec. I refer other people to her like my mom who also availed of an IPL package.

I don't really have any wrinkles on my face (thank God for good genes) and I look young for my age (I'm 35) but photorejuvenation could still make my complexion much better and prevent premature aging which is what I'm aiming for.

Any of you want an IPL done? Just pm me and I'll refer my derma to you.

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