Friday, August 22, 2008

My Pure Anada Samples

I just got my Pure Anada samples today. I hope I get a match coz my "skin twin" friends had a difficult time getting theirs. Mountain Sunset is too brown.

I got the 12 samples for $9 with free shipping. They even included a catalog of their products.

samples: Flaxen Field, Soft Wheat, Mountain Sunset, Pacific Tan, Niagara Fawn

samples: Apricot, Emma Rose, Blushed Bronzer, Morden's Blush

Sunflower, Lavender, Oil Absorbing Translucent Primer & MV

On a non-mmu note, I ordered a few MAC products from a friend of mine. They're from current collections and upcoming collections. I only own a handful of MAC stuff like a lipglass, a lip conditioner, brush cleaner and a paintpot (which I sold a few months ago). I just borrow the other stuff from my mom. It was purely a spur of the moment thing and something I hope I won't regret coz it's not in my budget LOL!

Anyway, I ordered:

- New View MSF Duo in Medium-Dark
- Lustre Twins in Ripe & Ready/ Soft & Lush shade
- MSF in Petticoat (coming in October?)

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