Monday, June 1, 2009

Eyeko Touch Up & Glow Highlighter

This is the Eyeko Touch Up & Glow Highlighter.  

Like the concealer in my previous post this also comes in a pen-type packaging which makes it easy to bring and use anywhere.  Just twist the bottom end until you get it out from the brush tip.

The shade of this highlighter is pearly pink which I think would suit any skin type.  It is easy to spread and blend and doesn't have any huge glitters in it.  It's a good highlighter to use on the brow bone because of the lifting effect.  You could also use this on other parts of the face like the cheekbones (just blend it well) or inner corners of the eyes for a brightening effect.  

Comparing with the Eyeko Cream (Original), they have the same effect with the Cream having less of a sheen since it is also used as a moisturizer.  This lasts fairly well for my oily skin (maybe half a day?) but is easy to re-touch if needed.  

This will be one of the staples in my kikay kit (good especially for travel) along with the Original Cream (which I put in a small clam-shell sample container so as not to double-dip into the huge jar) as highlighters.

The Touch Up & Glow Highlighter costs GBP5 from the Eyeko website.  Type in code E120  in the comments box upon checkout for a free full-sized gift from Eyeko with a minimum purchase of GBP10.  Free worldwide shipping for all orders!


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