Sunday, June 21, 2009

MAC Shadestick (For Sale)

I got a couple of MAC Shadesticks both in Lemon Chiffon a few weeks ago from a CP in the US.

I wanted to try these out so bad coz I've read blogs saying these are good to use as lid primers. These aren't sold locally except for this collection and when I asked the MAC counter at Shang specifically for these, they said the whole line in general was discontinued and they didn't have those in this collection either.

After logging in to GirlTalk I read that the girls there got their shadesticks the same day or days after I asked about it in the same MAC branch. Hmm, MA's playing favorites?

I won't bother with swatches coz I'm sure a lot of you have seen them in other blogs or own these yourself. I tried them on my oily eyelids without anything else on and in a matter of a few hours (a couple I think) they creased. I guess I'll just have to use these with my trusty UDPP or Artdeco Eye Shadow base.

I surely won't be able to use the 2 pcs. of the same shade in my lifetime. I'm willing to give up the other one which is still brand new in box although I got it for a higher price since I paid for additional tax and int'l shipping. Please email me for details if you want to get it off my hands. Local buyers only please.

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