Saturday, June 13, 2009

Mini Haul & OPI Matte Nail Envy

Yesterday was a holiday (Independence Day!) and it seems that everyone was out on the streets even with the AH1N1 scare. We went to the mall to get my DD's school stuff and I ended up with my own mini haul.

Garnier Nutrisse Cream hair color in Dark Golden Brown (Php 299). Last time I colored my hair was early this year and it now looks so ugly. I'm still on the allergy test phase since I haven't used this brand before. So far so good. I'll probably color my hair tomorrow or Monday.

Trim Men Styptic Pencil (Php 129). It stops bleeding from minor nicks and cuts. Very handy for when I DIY my nails and accidentally nick myself. I actually used this yesterday when my left thumbnail scratched the skin of my right thumb (ouch!). Just dampen the tip of the pencil and apply to the wound for a few seconds and that's it. Hurts like hell though.

OPI Matte Nail Envy (Php 695). My nails aren't the strongest. They're soft and easily crack or dent and peel. I heard good things about this and am glad this is available locally (also the new collections of OPI are available at Rustan's Essenses but I successfully controlled myself not to get any) but price is a bit steep. There are different variants like Original, Maintenance, Dry & Brittle, Sensitive & Peeling and Soft & Thin.

It took me a long time to decide which one to get but chose the matte one coz I intend to use it on my finger nails. Call me weird but I don't like wearing polish on my finger nails. Even glossy clear ones! I just keep them neat and clean and perpetually short.

I've applied it last night following the instructions. It says to put 2 coats initially then 1 coat every other day for a week then remove if there's still some left on the nail and start all over again. It can also be used under nail polishes.

The first coat was indeed matte but when I put on the second coat this is what it looks like:

Not so matte but not too glossy either. Oh well, I just hope my nails get stronger and healthier from this.

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