Saturday, June 6, 2009

Embodyment Organic Essentials

Browsing through blogs I came across another organic bath and body brand called Embodyment. I was curious about their products since it is locally made and not that expensive.

A week ago, while waiting for a movie to start (Night at the Museum 2) I saw a stall selling this at the GreenBazaar in Trinoma so of course I spent my time there. They had bath soaps, lip balms, body scrubs, body butters and other items. I seriously didn't know which one to get in such a limited time. I sniffed the samples and it was the Goat's Milk & Vanilla scent that I liked the best. I settled for the small sized body butter (P150 for 50 grams) and a few soaps (3 for P200) for hubby since I was only going to try it out.

The soaps I got were Glutathione & Oats, Glutathione & Sweet Pea and Classic Glutathione. (Hubby likes his whitening soaps because he is now so dark from spending time in the sun due to sports). We haven't used the soaps yet since we still have other ones open.

The body butter smells soooo good! I love vanilla scents and this smells like it with an added creamy (milky?) scent that isn't too strong nor cloying. My little girl loves it too. We both have been using this every night since I bought it. The texture is light yet thick and is absorbed well by the skin. It is not greasy and is easy to spread on arms and legs. The scent lasts long (well I can still smell it faintly when I wake up) and skin feels smooth. It is moisturizing enough for the dry skin on my arms and legs.

I may buy a bigger size once I finish this (and my other lotions) since this is a scent that I really love (I sniff my arm over and over again LOL!) and I don't have to order it overseas. I can also make this part of my list as presents for Christmas since it's never too early to start thinking whom to give this to.

Locally this is available thru re-sellers here. I think this is the same seller I bought from in the Green Bazaar.

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