Thursday, June 11, 2009

Heliocare Spray SPF 50

Today I visited my dermatologist friend for a follow-up IPL session. I've finished the full session a few months ago but I still go for touch up treatments when needed because IPL is a permanent hair REDUCTION procedure and not REMOVAL. I also had a facial, glycolic peel and diamond peel. Love the impromptu skin treatment. Anyway, she said my skin looked better a year ago. Now I have a few hyperpigmented spots on my upper cheek area :-(

Before I left, she gave me a sample of Heliocare Spray.

I've seen this on her shelves before but as far as I remember, I didn't get it because of the price.

What it is:

Heliocare Spray is suitable for ALL SKIN TYPES. Can be used after Laser Hair Removal and Microdermabrasion to prevent skin damage. Natural daily photoimmunoprotectant against UVB and UVA, with antioxidant and repairing activities.

Indicated for:
-Sensitive skins: Rosacea, etc.
-Medication-induced photosensitivity
-Prevention of skin photoaging
-Melasma and hyperpigmentation

I'll try this as soon as I can (I still need to put on a post-peel cream for 3 days and nothing else) and report back. It's only a tiny 5 ml spray sample,

but I'm sure it'll be enough to know if I get breakouts or other negative side effects. Hopefully not.

Has anybody tried this before? I'd really like to know how it does.

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