Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Zosimos Botanicals Primer Prep

Zosimos Botanicals Primer Prep

Description on the website:

"Suitable for oily skin, those who require light coverage or t-zone areas. Instructions: Shake well before use. For best result and to avoid streaking, apply with sponge provided. Dab onto areas of concern on face and neck, avoiding the eyes. After allowing the product to dry, buff with a flocked sponge. Apply mineral powder foundation.

Ingredients: Water; Hydrolyzed Silk; Mica; Titanium Dioxide; Iron Oxides.

Note that Liquid Silk has a naturally distinctive odor."

I have the trial size of this primer in the shade Rattan. Even though the powder foundation in Rattan looked light on me, this primer's shade was a bit darker (but still a bit light). It mattered little because the primer was going to be covered with foundation in my shade anyway. Once I finish my trial size which is a few more uses away, I will get a darker shade. So shade issues aside, here's my initial review.

Primer Prep

The trial size comes in a cute and tiny spray bottle. You have to spray it carefully because it comes out in a fine but strong mist that could splatter your clothes if your hand is near you (like what happened to me with the first use).

primer on my hand

The primer itself is a thin liquid and I applied it on my face using my clean fingers. It dries fast that you have to blend it in real quick. Around 2 short sprays were what I needed to cover my whole face and I was ale to blend it well without drying using the 2 installments. I didn't detect any "distinctive odor" though.

The finish on the face is matte. Perfect for my oily skin. It does feel slightly tight when it dries but the feeling goes away once I've fixed my foundation with a setting mist. If it were in the right shade for me, I could use this as a light coverage foundation.

It made my foundation last the whole day and I didn't have any ugly oily breakout. Just the usual slight shine on my T-zone but lesser than if I didn't use any. It does make the face smoother for mineral makeup application. I didn't break out nor get itchy from it. I still have to test it for a longer period of time since I've only used it for 2 whole days.
If it continues to do well for me, I'm going for a full size definitely.

Here's a photo of me with just the Primer Prep on after 6 hours. There is a slight shine on my T-zone but that's because I didn't use any finishing powder and other mmu. Also, the primer looks light on my face so don't mind that.

After 6 hrs.

I haven't found any primer that would really keep away the shine for a full day and I don't think I will. I have very oily skin and I live in a very humid place which doesn't help any. At least this primer does help in keeping oil under control for me.

** This is my opinion with this primer. It may differ for other people under different conditions.

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