Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Never let yourself go....

Yup, that's right. Hubby told me to never let myself go ugly!

Does that mean I have the license to ...... splurge?

Yes and no of course. This means I can go and spend (hubby's money) if I need to get skincare stuff (and mmu?) but I also have to watch out how much I spend (this part is more for my conscience).

We were watching a TV show (I forgot what it was) and the topic was on keeping yourself looking good even when you're married with kids. I have a few friends who've let themselves go after having a family even though I knew how much they cared about what they looked like, what they wore (belt has to match the shoes, stuff like that) when we were younger. Well, we both said we shouldn't be like this so in my mind I was justifying my purchases.

Okay, I guess this post is indirectly about justifying what I've been hauling lately LOL! But still this means that I am taking care of myself by keeping myself looking decent and presentable and keeping fit (I'm going to take up kick boxing next month).

So, I'll go and browse more websites and see what else is new on the skincare part. I haven't bought any new mmu lately. Maybe coz I've realized I already have so much, huh? Been buying clothes most of the time now, both for me and my DD (and for hubby sometimes).

Last week I bought a couple of tops for myself.

I got these from a local online store that makes clothes for mommies and daughters so there's a mommy version and a daughter version of all tops and dresses. They're approximately $20 for a top for moms.

This is for my DD which I bought for her birthday this week:

pinafore top

I got us both pinafore tops coz they look so pretty although good thing there was no more size in the white one for me. I'm not really into the matching tops for me and DD.

I also got myself undies from La Senza. I got all boylegs & 1 hipster coz they're so comfortable and don't dig into the thigh part.

Those in the photos are exactly what I got plus a few other plain colored boylegs (I couldn't find a photo in the website). I got the 5 pcs. for $25 at the store and I've heard that these fit great and they do! I'm gonna get myself more next time.

I haven't tried on their bras though and they also have the 2 -For $ for this. At least now I won't have to get any from Victoria's Secret bec. the $$$ rate has gone up and I'd have to pay shipping plus tax to ship them over to my cousin's place in CA. The La Senza ones I got turned out cheaper.

I'm preparing for my DD's birthday lunch at school this week. Bought loot bags, ordered her cupcakes and I'll just order the food tomorrow. She's so excited and keeps telling people she's 10 y/o when she's not.

Will post pics of her B-day when it's over.

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