Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Nail Stuff Haul

I love nail polish!  I mainly use them on my toes and rarely on my finger nails (weddings only). I like any color that captures my fancy.   I do my own nails that's why I like having good nail treatments.  I go to the salon for my nails rarely.  Maybe once a year or twice at the most mainly for the foot spa treatment for special occasions .  I really can't afford to go there weekly or bi-monthly like most of my friends (and my mom who goes weekly!).

My recent haul from 8ty8beauty are the following:

China Glaze Unplugged (brown - red)

OPI Brand New Skates (dark gray shimmer)

OPI Baguette-Me-Not (coral)

Poshe Fast-Dry topcoat

Poshe Nail Polish Reviver 2 oz.

The 2 OPI shades are from the most recent collections.  I've always wanted to try Poshe's topcoat bec. it says it can dry polish in 1 minute to touch and to the nail in 5 minutes.  I've been using Jessica's Quick-Dry but I ran out of it and Orly's Sec' & Dry but I want to try something else.

The Poshe Reviver in 2 oz. could not be shipped internationally bec. of it's big bottle.  I had my whole order shipped to my cousin in CA, USA instead.   This one is to "revive" the rest of my polish collection which have turned thicker as time passes.  Now I'll be able to get more use out of them. 

** All photos from 8ty8beauty website.

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