Monday, October 20, 2008

Top 5 MMU Companies

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Now I'm probably the last one to do this :-)

List has more than 5.  I really can't narrow it down to just 5 so I'm doing this alphabetically.


I love almost all the products I got here (excluding the foundation).  Very good CS, freebies galore, discount coupons for every order.  Love the lipsticks, glosses, Perle Powders, Coquille Powders, Eye Shadows, URFP, Pure Concealer.... well almost everything.

Dayna's Minerals

l love the Glows, blushes and eye shadows.  Lovely lady and a favorite "Voxer" eg. love her minerals :-)  Still have to try out the newer foundation shades though.


Now this is one of the companies where I like each and every product I've tried.  From foundations (Luna formula is my HG) to blushes, eye shadows, finishing powders, glows, lippies, I like ALL of them.  Top notch CS too in the person of Ellie who never fails to answer all my emails even if she's so busy.


The new kid on the mmu block (for me).  Fell in love with the Cover Me foundation formula which is truly awesome.  Controls oil the longest for me.  Love the different varieties of finishing powder too.  Blush and e/e choices are vast you wouldn't know which one to choose.


Their Minimalist formula gives me a very photogenic look all the time.  It's so light on the face considering the very little ingredients used. Their Finishing Powders also control oil very well.  I haven't tried the blushes or lippies but have tried the e/s freebies I got.  It's the foundation that makes it one of the top companies for me.


Cashmere formula is very comparable to Lauress for me.  Love this esp. for very humid days.  Another favorite is the Silk Radiance line.  I have I think 5 shades and would get the other darker ones soon (once the $$$ rate goes down).  Was hooked on their blushes and e/s previously.


HG foundation and finishing powder for me.  The eye shadows are also good ones, not being very shimmery.  They are more neutral shades I can use everyday and the blushes are very pigmented.  You can also get them in refill bags to save on $$.

Silk Naturals

This company makes one of the most wonderful lipsticks and glosses for me.  They are the 1st one to introduce the make your own foundation shade concept for those finding it hard to find their shade.  The blushes and eye shadows are also pretty.


I haven't tried the foundation because I don't know what shade to choose.  I love the Green Tea Rejuvenation formula and the Hide-A-Pore powder.  Also the Champagne glow is my HG "not a blush but gives me color" powder for everyday use, even when I go to the gym.  These powders control oil effectively for me.  The best thing? They all are really inexpensive for a huge size of 1 ounce bags.  These would last me years!  Joan, the owner, is also such a sweetheart, answering all my questions.  I've tried out a lot of the products just from the freebies she gives me per order which I assume probably cost more than my order itself.

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