Monday, October 27, 2008

New Haircut :-)

And the first thing my DD said to me was: "We have the same hair!"

Last haircut I had was 7 months ago in a layered shoulder length style. I think my hair grows pretty fast. Before this cut my hair length is down to 1/3 of my back.

I seriously doubt it would still look this nice after I shampoo it tomorrow :-(

I also got myself a new pair of glasses 'coz my other pair gives me serious allergies at the temple area due to it's metal frame. I'm allergic to nickel that's why even my belt buckles I need to coat with a clear nail polish or I'd have a terrible rash across my tummy area. This includes any earring that's not real gold. My earlobes are picky huh? I can't even wear those lovely earrings made of beads, semi-precious stones, crystals that have wire or metal hooks or posts.

Anyway, here's me. I don't have anymore mmu on since it's kinda late and I've washed my face already.

new glasses

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