Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Miessence Organics and M.'s MMU

I got a lovely package from my friend M. of Canada a few weeks ago. She sent me samples from Miessence Organics of which she is an independent representative. She also sent me samples of her own mineral makeup creations so I could try them out as a fellow mmu addict.

Berry Radical - very strong taste of cocoa but a good anti-oxidant

organic foundation samples

I have tried 3 shades of the blushes and bronzers and they are really good. I've used them without primer and foundation but on top of just finishing powder and they applied silkily and lasted a long time. The peachy shades I tried suited me well and weren't shimmery but more on the satiny/ matte side which I prefer. No itchies at all and only very little particles were needed since they were pigmented. Can't wait to try out the other shades.

Hmm, the foundation and bronzer photos are missing. She sent me a ton of foundation samples too.

A week ago I stopped all other stuff I used in the morning except sunblock and started the Purifying skin care line of samples she sent me. I began with the Cleanser. This one didn't lather at all. I used an ample amount and massaged it on my face then rinsed. It smelled citrusy, really refreshing. It didn't dry out my skin.

The Cleanser was followed with the Skin Brightener. This was applied with a cotton pad and put on the face up to the neck. It smelled of vinegar (like the Apple Cider Vinegar I tried out before) but it didn't sting my skin at all. What I liked about this is that after a few days of use, it really did brighten up my skin.

The Skin Conditioner followed the Skin Brightener. This was applied all over the face and neck using clean fingers and is used to prep the skin for the Moisturizer which was applied last. Both of these smelled citrusy. My face was soft after the whole regimen.

I used all these for 4 days when I started to notice small breakouts on my chin and cheeks. So far no cystic zits have appeared except for the small bumps. I think my skin was adjusting to organic products so I suspended use of all these until my skin healed. It's unfortunate this happened because my skin has really brightened. Also, the ingredients are organic and all natural but I guess my skin still needs the power of salicylic acid to prevent breakouts. It does help clear skin of other people though. I have resumed the use of the products yesterday. Will update once I finish my samples.

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