Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Buff'd Haul

I got my Buff'd package in just 5 business days. Woohoo! That's because I ordered the refill kit which was sent in a medium sized brown envelope so I got it fast.

The refill kit I got is Ginger (light with heavier yellow undertones) in Original formula. I already have the shade Buff (Medium with subtle yellow undertones) but it eventually turned dark on me and lacked yellow. My exact shade is Moccasin (medium light with heavier yellow undertones) but I got Ginger to add to Buff and end up with Moccasin (if that makes any sense).

I prefer the Original formula (full-coverage foundation with fantastic oil absorption and natural UV protection) because of it's medium to heavy coverage.

Ingredients: titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, mica, iron oxide, ultramarines

In fact it is already heavy enough for me and is still buildable. I've tried the concealing formula from a sample someone gave me and I could already feel it on my face. Others who are looking for really heavy coverage would love this. I'll just use mine as a concealer.

I played around with the foundation powders yesterday and mixed my shade. My package also included samples of a mineral eyeshadow in Mushroom and a mineral bronzer in Toast.


Toast looks more like a blush for me and is really pretty. It isn't too shimmery but gives just enough sheen for the cheeks. Mushroom is described as a "shimmery light tan".

EOTD: Mushroom on my eyelids. No primer.


What I used:

Buff'd foundation mix of 50/50 Ginger + Buff in Original formula
Buff'd bronzer in Toast on cheeks
Buff'd Mushroom on lids
Silk Naturals Rare Berry gloss on lips

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